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1960s Comic Books

Found these among the wreckage that is my aunt’s antique collection. Featuring my personal favorite: The Twilight Zone

Implications of LSD and Experimental Mysticism

  Implications of LSD and Experimental Mysticism

    Walter N. Pahnke & William A. Richards

        Journal of Religion & Health, Vol. 5, 1966, pp. 175-208.

Mirrored in the sensationalistic array of recent magazine and newspaper articles focusing upon the past, present, and future uses of drugs like LSD is a blurred spectrum of attitudes ranging from an indignant desire to destroy a terrifying plague of drug-induced psychoses to a naive belief that the keys to Utopia have finally been placed into the hands of man. 12,599 more words

A History Of Illusion

Boy Bands Through the Ages

So after my last few posts, which were about societally-approved things that I dislike; today I’m going to talk about a societally-disliked thing that I’m a fan of. 1,253 more words


Small Vintage Cabinet (sold)

From the 1950s – 60s, this vintage cabinet is also chic and modern. Use it almost anywhere…in a hallway, bedroom, living room, dining room…where ever! A versatile piece you’ll be sure to use and love for years to come. 34 more words


Joshua Oppenheimer: Titicut Follies

My favorite Wiseman film is his first: Titicut Follies, not necessarily because it is his best, but because I have never been more devastated by a work of art. 241 more words