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Granny at Butley

Granny was born in the heart of East Sussex. It was on New Year’s Day 1892 that Granny first saw the light of day. Her parents lived in the parish of Little Horsted at the time. 195 more words


884. At Folsom Prison - Johnny Cash

Brief Background: At Folsom Prison was recorded in January of 1968 and was released in May of the same year. The album is known for reviving Cash’s career which had been flagging commercially due to drug use. 206 more words

ओ आओ-आओ सूनी रे सजरिया - Aao Aao Suni Re Sajariya

फिल्मः पड़ोसन (1968)
गायक/गायिकाः मन्ना डे
संगीतकारः आर. डी. बर्मन
गीतकारः राजेद्र कृष्ण
कलाकारः महमूद, सायरा बानो, सुनील दत्त

ओ आओ-आओ सूनी रे सजरिया
साँवरिया साँवरिया

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Solo Song

Day 206: "Savoy Truffle"

When was it recorded?   Oct. 3-14, 1968

When was it first released, and on which album?   Nov. 22, 1968 on “The Beatles”

Who wrote it? 559 more words


The Committee

This isn’t out of my brain, but from a film from 1968 called The Committee. It provides quite a bit to think about, as well as having a delightful psychedelic element to it. 1,121 more words


885. Songs of Leonard Cohen - Leonard Cohen

Brief Background: Songs of Leonard Cohen was recorded in August of 1967 and fully released in February of 1968. It is the debut album from Cohen who had released several books of poetry prior to this album. 198 more words