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Five Statistical Facts about Denny McLain

One of my favorite Facebook friends is Denny McLain. An eccentric figure still today who should have probably done a lot more in baseball, McLain is must-read. 346 more words


The Doors - Touch Me (1968)


Jim Morrison and the output of his band were in decline by their fourth album. But that descent was from a heady summit and there were still many high passes to enjoy. 57 more words


When Talking About Ferguson, Try To Be Thoughtful -- Few Others Will

Commentary by Mason Johnson

Ferguson. Chicago.

Two very different cities three hundred miles apart.

Both are on my mind.

As Ferguson citizens reacted to the decision… 544 more words


inaugural episode

For our 1st episode, we reviewed Mel Brooks’ THE PRODUCERS.

The original film stars the always brilliant Gene Wilder. Great for a date, must kinda like musicals.


Clip from the Past: Lyndon Johnson

Lyndon Johnson was the 36th President of the United States.  He served from 1963-1969.  Above is a clip from a speech he made right before he told the American people that he would seek nor accept another nomination for President of the United States.   20 more words

General Political Science

745. Blood, Sweat and Tears - Blood, Sweat and Tears

Brief Background: Blood, Sweat & Tears is is the band’s second album. It was recorded an released in 1968. It was among the first albums to use a sixteen track recorder, thus allowing for easier overdubbing than any album before it. 218 more words

Day 262: "Wild Honey Pie"

When was it recorded?   Aug. 20, 1968

When was it first released, and on which album?   Nov. 22, 1968 on “The Beatles”

Who wrote it? 456 more words