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When we explore the eras of fashion and trends and popular culture, we usually hear things divided into decades. They call it “The seventies”, or “The Nineties”, as if each decade, measures by calender years and convenient decimals, has it’s own distinct developments and trends, that decade’s slate then wiped clean in it’s ninth year, for a whole new decade to bring fresh things. 205 more words


Wendy's Naughty Night (1972)

The Plot.
A depressive rich girl is having counselling session during which she recalls some of her experiences. Afraid she is getting lost in a world of sex orgies involving her group of friends she makes them play the ultimate game in the end. 231 more words


Naked Exorcism (1975)

The Plot.
A teenager named Peter is out walking with friends in the picturesque Italian countryside when he takes a picture of a mysterious naked woman near a waterfall. 586 more words


The Boy & Rhinestone Cowboy

Really y’all, this IS my life!

I’m sitting here working and singing along with the music playing in the background; I’ve got the 70s station streaming and Rhinestone Cowboy was playing. 102 more words


31 Films # 12 - Trip With The Teacher Review

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070834/


Mill Creek, in your vast library of complete shit, severely cut versions and rough cuts, sometimes lays a complete gem. 250 more words

31 Days Of Horror

IBM System 34

IBM’s came out with the System/34 in April of 1977 as a more economical approach to distributive data processing for all kinds of businesses. Used as many as 8 workstations and offered seven attachments including the IBM 5251 Display Station. 27 more words