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Richard and Linda Thompson - I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight (1974)

Up until earlier this year, if I heard the name Mr. Thompson, I would think of this:

I still think of that and smile of course (easily a Top 5 Simpsons episode) but now I’m also grinning ear to ear thinking about another Mr. 188 more words


70's Disco Diva

A generic singer in 1970’s style.

Practicing human head modelling in 123D Creature. 11 more words

123D Creature

Never Tell an Angel (When Your Heart's on Fire)

Who doesn’t love a good story about a band coming up from Boston? I mean you may not, but I do because I get to visit some of these clubs like the Paradise and see acts perform on City Hall Plaza still! 377 more words

Most Importantly - The Vinyl

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Woot woot! So much zippered orange glory in this shot!

Trucker hat + aviator glasses + mustache = awesome

But awesome doesn’t last forever. Witness the power of the fumble to humble. 8 more words


Brother Louie

Stories was an early 1970s rock and pop music band based in New York. The band had a Number 1 hit with a cover of Hot Chocolate’s “Brother Louie.” 9 more words

Most Importantly - The Vinyl

Capricorn One (1977)

*. The end of a long and impressive run for the cinema of paranoia in the 1970s.
*. How do you know it’s the end? Well, for starters the conspiracy is about as far out there as you can get. 1,372 more words