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Rain Check for the Red Sox

I wonder if this was from a game we attended as a family or from one of the games Dad saw with other members of his Elks lodge.

My Childhood

Who Killed Bambi?

This looks like something Disney created. Before the treatment. At 8 AM the floor was tidy. Ten past nine: the horror!

The juvenile delinquent says it might have been a squirrel. 31 more words


Ghadi milan ki aayi

This article is meant to be posted in atulsongaday.me. If this article appears in sites like lyricstrans.com and ibollywoodsongs.com etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of atulsongaday.me and is a punishable offence under the existing laws. 452 more words

Feelings Of Heart

Museum Made of Paper 1978

As we moved out of the old Alaska State Museum, this was found in the education supplies.  McGraw-Hill published this in 1978 as an Instructo Learning Center Teaching Guide called, “A Field Trip to An Art Museum.”  I’m ready to pass it on to someone passionate for this sort of ephemera.   111 more words


the air of architecture

I read a book during the summer of ‘78
or ’79 I cannot remember the title I can-
not remember the author I cannot rem- 457 more words