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A journey worth the time.

There’s something very appealing to me about train journeys. Somehow, the idea of spending several days getting somewhere makes it all seem a little more real and important – instead of a 5 hour flight Perth to Sydney, you could spend 3 days and nights on one of the world’s great (and longest) train journeys, the Indian Pacific. 887 more words


Take Five

Hey, Garcia. Doing the ol’ Acoustic Dead thing?


Billy unconscious?

“Looks that way.”

This Week at The Hand Grenade's Headquarters #11

Now that it’s also Oscar season in Porto Alegre, I decided to catch up on two 2014 titles that got me very anxious and very excited ( 790 more words

United States Of America

Republicans' (and too many Democrats') modus operandi - or is it a case of "mors tua, vita mea"?

There’s nothing new in Boehner’s inviting Bibi
so as to undermine talks with Iran,
except for the brazen openness of the ploy.
Just go back to Fall 1968 and Nixon’s spoiling… 165 more words


Hi Infidelity - REO Speedwagon (1980)

We all might have had some music that we liked but would never tell anyone. For me that was REO Speedwagon’s Hi Infidelity. After a year and a half of hearing any one of the six singles from the album, I became a closet fan. 545 more words


'the walking stick ...'

the walking stick
against the phonogram
with the scratched record
in the middle of
the bare room

morning light

the stick stretched its limb… 188 more words


Of pullover and sideburns

Back in the 1970s when my paternal grandmother was still alive, we used to go to her house every Sunday for afternoon tea. She went through phases of what sweet delicacies she would provide and at one time would regularly purchase marbled cake which was very moist and came in a package with strange writing, we assumed it was Russian. 297 more words

The Engine Years