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A New Life

I guess this blog has to start somewhere.

The usual place to start would be at the beginning, but to be honest the beginning, for me, isn’t really at the start.  1,069 more words


the Elder paradox

Few bands have survived such a fall from grace. Somehow KISS’s The Elder managed to turn off almost everyone at once. It was the perfect KISStorm, a deadly concoction we’re lucky they survived and yet the album helps define KISS. 1,186 more words


Gabriel Garcia Marquez, The Art of Fiction No. 69, Winter 1981, The Paris Review:


Can you distinguish between inspiration and intuition?


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1981 Baltimore Colts

It isn’t as if the Baltimore Colts were really all that good to begin with in 1981. But nobody thought it would be quite this bad. 1,783 more words


ML"what would"B: What if the ’81 Strike Never Happened?

Hey baseball fans!

I just put up another ML”what would”B post on More Than A Fan. In every ML”what would”B alternative history post, I discuss what would have happened if a famous event in baseball history had gone differently than it did in reality. 50 more words

Nikita Koshkin's The Porcelain Tower

Nikita Koshkin’s The Porcelain Tower
Performed by Ryan Johnson
Produced by Acoustic Library, 2014

Theme 00:00
March: The Yellow Paper Dragon 00:43
Valse: Bamboo Umbrella 02:28… 35 more words

Classical Guitar

84. dead & buried (1981)

This is an intriguing little horror movie from the early 80s. It’s quite unconventional in the way it unfolds, right from the very first scene I was surprised at the turns it took. 142 more words

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