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Some new hoses

Two hoses needed to be reneved on my car. The first was the hose for the oil pressure gauge. On my car, this was a custom made solution with a nylon hose going from the oil filter to the gauge in the instrument cluster. 154 more words


The coils and their final position

This is what the engine looks like with the coils in their final position, with all the wires connected

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Engine started for the first time

Connected everything to have a go at starting the car. This is my second attempt at starting. On the first attempt, I got no ignition. I turned around the cables from the VR sensor and tried again. This is the result:

1983 Mercedes-Benz 280TE

Ignition and fuel back on the engine

Sorry for the absence of new posts in june. I had hoped to be able to complete the car early in june, but when I realised that was not possible, I slowed down. 111 more words