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Secret Messages

Electric Light Orchestra – Secret Messages (1983)
Pop Rock


I have way too many ELO records; The Beatles might be the only other band to have more. 170 more words


Tongue, Sandwich

Phil knew he had to either lose weight or stop wearing orange when the road crew began calling him “the Sun.”

Movie Quote of the Day - Flashdance, 1983 (dir. Adrian Lyne)

Nick: I was just buying you lunch.
Alex: I don’t want you buying me anything. I don’t want you buying me, period!

Movie Quote Of The Day

Beat It - Michael Jackson (song)

At number 53 in BBC Radio 2’s 100 greatest guitar riffs is “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. This song, released in February 1983, is taken from his album… 623 more words


A Gay Old Time

When Mickey wore this outfit into the city one afternoon, he was surprised to see how nice all the young men were to him. Must be Deadheads, Mickey thought.

Corpore Sano In Corpore Sana

I like my Garcia the way I like my swamp-fuckin': rough and soggy.

Christmas 1983 was the year my computer adventure began.

It seems such a long time ago when my parents bought me a ZX Spectrum+ for Christmas, and it was a long time ago! Games that took minutes to load, so long you could go make a brew (a cup of tea/coffee) and the game would still be loading when you got back. 172 more words