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Alpha Flight #17 (1984, December)

I’m finally finishing up with 1984. By Byrne, “Dreams Die Hard.”

We start with a flashback, to Mac first trying on the costume. Heather thought it looked great, but she was concerned for him. 707 more words


Dystopia, 'The Revolution' and Fear of Big Brother

The concept of dystopian fiction tends to be seen as a majorly leftist phenomenon. In spite of some clear antecedents like Atlas Shrugged, dystopian fiction tends to look about like what we imagine when considering socialist and democratic uprisings – an oppressed people rising against the powerful few. 810 more words



This vintage cover of George Orwell’s 1984 actually makes it look like a fun, pulpy read. I’m really digging the fashion, especially that red sash! Book covers like this are always so much more fun and interesting to me than most of the modern redesigns. 67 more words


Orwellian Totalitarianism: A Review of 1984


This is the motto of INGSOC, the party that reigns supreme in the totalitarian society of Oceania, which was established after a violent revolution. The world has been divided into three superpowers: Oceania, roughly comprising parts of Europe and the Americas; Eurasia and Eastasia, where two sides are constantly at war with the third. 1,477 more words



1984 is incredibly relevant in today’s ‘Big Brother’ society. This production ensured it achieved the atmosphere of fear, control and uncertainty in bucket loads. The main set was of an office with a sliding window up right and a secret door down left. 253 more words


Happy Birthday to me!

It is my 30th birthday today.

So to signify this occasion I am starting a blog to record my life of being 30.

This starts today…