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Meridian MCD Pro

Meridian has been a great innovating company, ever since its inception back in 1977. At the time of its launch, founders Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd had already been involved in some of the most innovative audio products to come out of the nineteen seventies, from the Lecson AC1/AP1 to the Orpheus. 938 more words

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Today, a look at a game I’ve just added to MobyGames: Archery by Brian Blankenship.

Archery is a very simple shooting game. A target descends along the right side of the screen, and you have to push the spacebar at the right moment to let fly your arrow, with the aim of hitting the target as near the center as possible. 255 more words

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The Cult – Love (1985) [recenzja albumu]

Powiedzcie mi – jak tak można?

Jak można nagrać płytę brzmiącą tak debiutancko, choć będącą już drugą w karierze? Nie, żebym uznawał „debiutanckie” brzmienie za złe, wręcz przeciwnie. 623 more words

Hard Rock

A Tribute to My Dear Friends

2013 has been a most challenging year for me both physically and emotionally. Not only did I lose several of my beloved geriatric animal companions but also two of my longest and closest human friends, Merlin Andrew and Maria Davies. 239 more words

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Throwback Thursday

As the weekend fast approaches once again, it’s time to think about digging your dancing shoes out for a little bit of a boogie.

However, if you’re struggling to think of what songs to place on your playlist, take a look at this list of number one singles, which had people dancing all over Britain, on this very weekend.

April 17 in San Antonio history...

J.C. Penney opens their first San Antonio store at 305 W. Commerce Street downtown (right).

Clarissa Davis of John Jay High School, one of the most sought-after high school basketball recruits in city history, ends months of suspense and signs a letter of intent to play for the University of Texas Longhorns.


Explorers (1985)

Directed by Joe Dante.

In a small Californian town, brainy Wolfgan (River Phoenix), sci-fi geek Ben (Ethan Hawke) and cynic Darren (Jason Presson) build a starship that takes them to a galaxy, far, far away. 315 more words