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9/19/14: Daily Post

Yesterday was a frustrating day. I screwed around when getting ready and missed the train. I drove to the next train station, only to see the train pulling up, and realizing I wasn’t going to make it in time, headed to the next train station. 303 more words

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Musique 365: Day 263: Riptide - Robert Palmer

‘Riptide’ is dominated by ‘Addicted To Love’ and its follow-up ‘I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On’. Both of these are notable not only for pounding basslines, but also for videos that featured a rather glamorous backing band for Mr Palmer. 12 more words


Today, September 19, marks 29 years since the earthquake of 1985 which devastated Mexico City leaving thousands of residents dead.  Official estimates placed the death toll at approximately 10,000 although some placed the figure as high as 45,000. 188 more words


I could trace your private number baby

Another school disco favourite, and the androgynous nature of the singer – especially in current times – made it a hit for both the boys and girls. 169 more words


Perfect situations must go wrong

This may be the final song from a musical, I’m not exactly sure. This was a huge hit in 1985. Mahoosive.

Once again the lyrics of Tim Rice are outstanding , as with previous entries in this blog. 161 more words


I put you on a pedestal, you put me on the pill

The title to this post is quite frankly one of the greatest pieces of lyricism of all time.

While I have blogged about the singer before and written about my admiration for her, the songwriter is an altogether different matter. 201 more words


She don't even know my name

Whilst this song comes from 1985 it reminds me of reading Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho some years later.

This song is featured in the movie, but in the book a whole chapter is dedicated to the singer and his solo career and the lead character’s spin on it. 156 more words