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Happy Anniversary Bill Buckner & Mookie Wilson!!!

Happy Anniversary Bill Buckner & Mookie Wilson!!!

On this day in 1986 you made the most famous error in baseball history.  Although many 1st baseman prior to you have seen ground balls accidentally roll through their legs, none was on a bigger stage than your error in game 6 of the 1986 World Series. 136 more words

World Series

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (music video)

I’m taking us back to the 80s today. 1986, to be exact. That was the year “West End Girls” was released as a single (for the second time), and reached number one in both the UK and the US. 69 more words


I Against I - Bad Brains (1986)

During the ’80s the common perception was that black people did not make rock music. Despite the legacy of people like Jimmy Hendricks and Sly and The Family Stone, black music remained neatly slotted into the jazz, gospel, hip-hop/soul and increasingly pop categories. 620 more words

Alternative Rock

Day of the Dead (1985)

George A. Romero narrows the lens somewhat with Day of the Dead, his 1985 follow-up to 1978’s Dawn of the Dead. The focus here is largely on the human side and on the sorts of things people can get up to when arguing over power and what to do with bloodthirsty zombies. 693 more words


Let me get over you

Another wistful sigh while I watch the video.

I think it was the last time that I saw this singer in the charts as a soloist. 239 more words


Taking on the role of the four winds now

Now it may surprise you to know that this song is here because of another school time crush.

But it wasn’t in 1986 that I daydreamed after this girl, but a couple of years later in the sixth form. 222 more words


All the school kids so sick of books

Another wishful sigh over the lead singer while I watch the video.

Except that in this song she shares the singing duties with the the rest of the band. 288 more words