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They didn't know they were being pursued

For some bizarre reason this reminds me of Nesscliff and the CCF.

I have no idea if this song was actually played any of the three occasions when I was there, or whether the title conjures up images of decorated military men. 350 more words


Don't worry son, I'm here

This is an odd song from 1986.

It reminds me of working at Wyevale Garden Centre. Mam had been working there for a while in the propagation unit, taking the cuttings and planting them. 267 more words


I have been blind

What a song this is.

There are times when I find this song so awful, and this was especially so in 1986. It’s not to say that I was not in a relationship, but it hadn’t been long term to say the least. 192 more words


A traffic jam of the brain

The 1980s were a worrying time to grow up as a teenager.

Teenage years are usually filled – or at least occasionally marked – with sexual experimentation. 291 more words


They tell me that women grow on trees

This upbeat song is one of those songs that never fails to lift my spirits.

The song, written and performed by a band from Hull, may be upbeat in its tempo but its meaning is most definitely not one of celebration. 173 more words


Chance for me to escape from all I've known

I absolutely loathe this song. I’m not keen on the singer either.

Let’s get one thing straight first. I have nothing against those of the ginger persuasion. 168 more words


Never been a sinner, I've never sinned

This cover version was a school disco favourite after its release in 1986.

I have no idea why this brings up images of Jeremy Thomas, but it does. 148 more words