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Song of the day: 14 April 2014

Some nineties today. And I don’t know what about you, but I’m getting very irritated by this picture. Therefore, I will not type a lot. I can say it is a great dance track, 1990. 6 more words

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Song of the day: 9 April 2014

If there are songs that can touch you, because of their music, this is one of them. A very political story, but with a good message: work together and you will have peace. 35 more words

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1994: Kurt Cobain


April 5, 1994 – This is the date, 20 years ago, when Nirvana rock star Kurt Cobain (27) shot himself. He suffered from depression, stomach problems and heroin addiction. 267 more words

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Song of the day: 2 April 2014

I was shocked to hear that Frankie Knuckles, the Godfather of House, had died yesterday at the age of 59. Of course, this is much too young to die, and on top of that, he made great music. 44 more words

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Song of the day: 30 March 2014

A great record from a band who had one hit. But it’s a great song, and it makes you wanna jump. And it is very happy, so perfect for such a lovely day as this. Enjoy

Something Happens- Parachute

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