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Thinking Out Loud #2

I thought today was just a perfect Thursday to Think Out Loud, courtesy of Ms. Amanda. *bows to Amanda*

Well this has been one of those weeks of crazybusyawesome. 922 more words


Pop Culture Affidavit, Episode 33 -- There Was This TV Show ...

Twenty years ago, a television show premiered that, while it lasted only one season, had a clear impact on its devoted fans.  The show was… 58 more words


Summertide - Charles Sheffield (1990)

It can be argued – at least by me – that SF is the reflection of the collective unconscious in that it tends to pick up on society’s fears and obsessions, such as the rash of ‘aliens among us’ stories in US Nineteen Fifties novels which paralleled a social paranoia – fostered by the Establishment – of Communism spreading like a disease. 613 more words

Space Opera

A Generation of Lost Boys

I write this post in light of the recent passing of Robin Williams. I daren’t delve into questions of suicide and depression – i’ll leave that to the “professionals”.  526 more words


What Happened to Good TV?

By: Delayne Duggan Growing up, our generation enjoyed a variety of different kids shows, specifically those found on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. While these channels are still popular, new shows have now replaced the older ones. 314 more words