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A LITTLE THURSDAY MUSIC: Vanessa Daou ~ This Blue Hour (1996)

“This Blue Hour”… from Vanessa Daou’s 1996 debut album Slow To Burn.

“On your way…

Day to day…

What did you learn?


'So they think that I am going to explain why the verb "to Tides" should exist. But I've beaten them.'

I’ve added a few more full issues of Tides of Time to the online archive, dating from the 1994-1997 period. They are some of the larger issues published, with the size of most of the files ending up in the 20-30Mb range. 858 more words


A LITTLE WEDNESDAY MUSIC: Vanessa Daou ~ Two To Tango ~ Milk & Honey Mix (1996)

Vanessa Daou’s song “Two To Tango”, remixed from her debut album Slow to Burn, 1996.

“In a twist of fate…

…time will rearrange all your answers… 6 more words


POP RESCUE: 'Bloom' by Tasmin Archer (CD, 1996)

Today’s POP RESCUE from an uncertain future, is Bloom, the 1996 second album from BRIT Award-winning singer and songwriter Tasmin Archer.

Bloom is mellow. 294 more words


Five Awesome Star Trek Crossover Episodes

One thing that I discovered had started to become something of a thing in the Star Trek Universe is the fact that at one time or another every series in and of itself that was on TV had at one time or another had a crossover episode with another… Believe it or, including, ‘The Original Series’ as well! 541 more words

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