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Henderson: Eddie's legacy is everywhere you look

On a sunny afternoon in June of 1999 I strolled into a Forest Glade Tim Hortons to meet a young “phenom” who was generating buzz among my Star colleagues as someone with the right stuff. 772 more words


Galaxy Quest


These people were on this sci-fi show years and now their careers have dried up except for appearing at conventions. Whew, glad this is just a film and something like this never happens in real life. 419 more words

13th April 1999

At lunch today, Vic and I started imagining what it would be like if we were to live together when we’re older. We’d want a 3 bedroom house or loft with a bathroom each. 189 more words


Trikki Gunns

His vinyl jeans so tight that they
Muffin top his belly,
He thinks he’s a weird emo kid,
Folks think he’s old and smelly.

We know his real name is Eugene, 187 more words