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#TCMoby, Week Seventeen: The Whale Watch

This week’s reading was certainly a Whale Watch. For one, we started off with a very successful night of whale hunting. And not just any whale hunting, but some very balanced whale hunting. 272 more words

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Parody on 'The Charge of the Light Brigade' by Lord Alfred Tennyson

‘Play it loud, play it loud

You damn well know how loud-

Blast those would rather squeak,

We are the band from hell,

‘Blast the bugles left and right… 127 more words

Benny Thomas

In Secret, and Other Serviceable Adaptations

At this point, it’s almost a truism to say that film adaptations are more successful when they’re faithful to the spirit rather than the letter of their source material. 1,152 more words

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#TCMoby, Week Sixteen: Tradesmen

In case you thought we already met everyone on The Pequod, think again. This week’s reading yielded the introduction of new crew members: tradesmen–and from the sounds of it, highly essential. 287 more words

21st Century Literature

The Great Reading-list Battle: H.G Wells - The War of The Worlds

I know it is of popular opinion that we students stay in bed all day, watch Jeremy Kyle and only emerge at night when the clubs open to drink away our student loans. 536 more words


Anthony Trollope: The Warden (1855)

Memory is a funny thing. For years I have been haunted by a sensual impression of a place. I remember being in England and walking along a row of houses. 1,382 more words


#TCMoby, Week Fifteen: Ships and Worlds Collide!

Confession, dear #TCMoby crew: moving + freelance work have taken out all of my energy this week. This post will be sparser than usual. I apologize. 256 more words

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