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Fingersmith, or: The Most Victorian Novel Ever Was Written in 2002

Regrettably, this will be a fairly short (and very informal) post; I have to return my copy of Fingersmith to the library, so I don’t have time to mine it for the quotes that would allow me to talk about it in more detail. 887 more words

Books I've Read (and Thought About)

Ethel Turner, Tales from the "Parthenon" (Review)

Hands up if you’re an Aussie and didn’t read Ethel Turner’s Seven little Australians in your childhood. Surely no hands have gone up? Seven little Australians,  1,083 more words

Australian Literature

Robert Louis Stevenson was born on this day

Robert Louis Stevenson was born 164 years ago today in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Born into a family of engineers and builders, Stevenson began engineering studies at Edinburgh University before switching to law. 300 more words


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their Own Book

I don’t tend to participate in a lot of literary memes, but as a reader who’s constantly longing for more insight into her favorite characters, I just couldn’t resist this one, brought to you by… 1,492 more words

Books I've Read (and Thought About)

Twists and Turns

It’s strange which moments stick with you. I don’t typically remember my first viewing of a movie unless it becomes an instant favorite, but I do remember, quite distinctly, the first time I saw… 1,320 more words

Semi-organized Thoughts

"No Sir! I am an independent woman now."

Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

The fates of women in most great nineteenth century novels are grim. Ladies like Madam Bovary, Anna Karenina, and Maggie Tulliver suggest that there is no imaginable plot in which a woman may succeed.  246 more words


From Bad Animal to Ice Queen: A Look at Charlotte Brontë's 'Villette'

Contrary to anyone who thinks I might have in fact never returned from England (wouldn’t that be awesome?!…unless it meant I died…in which case, not awesome), I have actually left that glorious island and am again in the States, presumably being productive and very much alive.  672 more words