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Video: Grinning cops sued for watching thieves walk away

Police officers in Jackson, Mississippi, are being accused of letting thieves walk away with the property of pro-life activists who were exercising their First Amendment rights on public sidewalks, and a video has been posted to support the claim. 267 more words


Eastwood Strikes Again.....

Well not Clint..

Scott..CCW holder..

From Iowa..

Takes down 5 thugs..

After lone police officer injured..

Good guy with a gun wins..

1st Amendment

Thesaurus lists 'right-winger,' 'traditionalist,' and 'redneck' as synonyms for 'obstructionist'

 I am not going to spend much time on this but here is something I found today as I was browsing the internet that I found a little interesting: According to… 168 more words


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So be it......

Miscellany ....................

Once again..

Ban guns..

Folks get robbed..

At gun point..

See how that works?


Hey Femnazi’s in America..

This is war on women..

What you claim is in America.. 50 more words

1st Amendment

Tweet of the Day: Church | State

No, not a Constitutional scholar, just…watch this closely. Church…here. State…there. Separate. Would a picture help?—
Stephen King (@StephenKing) July 20, 2014

The Master of Horror chimes in on the eroding wall between Church and State in America.

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