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Barack Obama is using Presidential memorandums to hide his Executive actions

  Detractors of the President claim that Barack Obama has overstepped his bounds on several occasions by issuing Executive Orders to bypass the Congress and thusly is expanding the power of the Presidency to never before seen levels, while  his supporters note the fact that Barack Obama has issued fewer Executive Orders than his predecessors to counter this claim. 501 more words


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This is just one more way that he gets to do what he wants!

I'm A Crazy Right Wing Extremist

If I wrote that it is time to revolt, there is no doubt that I would be painted as a crazy, extreme right-wing zealot – but I do believe that a grass roots revolution is the only chance we have. 1,003 more words


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Being a former US Army officer it is my and every other officers sworn duty to uphold and protect the US Constitution --- no exception!.

The Interview - Episode 110


Dags and Jeff discuss the recent Sony Pictures hack and the cancellation of The Interview. Miley Cyrus gets around. Who writes checks anymore? The comedy of Bob Strawsma. 6 more words


If A LIEberal...

Wants me to boycott Conservative companies…

Like these…

Just makes me want to hit all of them this weekend and show my support…

LIEberal…So stupid it’s gotta be painful!!

1st Amendment

Atheists..Haters Hating...

What they don’t believe in…

If they do not believe..

Then why do they hate and hurt others?



Haters they are..

I’ll take my God over whatever they believe or don’t believe in..

1st Amendment

Dayton Administration Hiding Reality Again

Let the MNsure Enrollment Spin Begin
Dayton Administration Hiding Reality Again

Minnesota’s Obamacare exchange, MNsure, continues to stumble to enroll private pay customers.


Obamacare architect and MIT professor Jonathon Gruber’s original analysis, for which the Dayton administration paid… 97 more words

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