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Thank God for Laundry, Heartache, and Fleas

My youngest child has long outgrown his crib, but it’s still in my room serving as a giant laundry basket.  After the clothes come out of the dryer, I heap them by the armful into my son’s former bed.   1,179 more words


Finding the Burning Tree in the Winter Desert

A little earlier this school year I read Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.  I would never recommend the book to anyone; I didn’t find any great moral dangers in it, even in the descriptive scenes of violence, but it was for the most part a rather boring and repetitive book that was dragged down past the halfway point by McCarthy’s excessive windbaggery. 740 more words


21 Letters.

Im a letter person. It is quite rare for me to say anything more than ‘lets hang out tomorrow’ or ‘saw this and thought of you’ in a message. 384 more words

Mellifluous Meanderings