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Author: Diane Duane

Published: December 1983

Publisher: Pocket Books

Number in Series: 13

Cover Price: $5.50

Timeframe: TOS, during the first 5-year mission


The Enterprise has been selected to test a new form of faster than light drive.   345 more words

Star Trek The Original Series

When in Rome (2010)

Is it a step forward that we have rom-com heroines who are unlucky in love because they are too good at their jobs? Maybe? Can it never be Katherine Heigl again? 510 more words

Royal Cousins at War (2014)

Again, BBC miniseries, and narrated by Tamsin Greig, so, hooray, Tamsin Greig! This one is a documentary, and as documentaries go it’s fine, although it has one glaring problem. 218 more words

Perfume (2006)

If you’ve ever asked yourself just how creepy and off-putting Ben Whishaw is capable of being (and, let’s face it, we all have), this is the movie that answers that question. 410 more words

Daybreakers (2009)

The set-up of Daybreakers is this: ten years ago, humans were infected with vampirism. Now the vast majority of Earth’s population consists of vampires, and the food supply, obviously, is dwindling quickly. 413 more words

Hors de prix (2006)

This movie (called Priceless in my own civilized tongue), appropriately, is rather like a champagne cocktail. It’s fizzy, it’s charming, you’re not paying attention, and you slightly regret it later. 140 more words

Austenland (2013)

In an attempt, apparently, to give my brain whiplash, I followed up Inside Llewyn Davis with a movie that may be its opposite in every way, and, well, it’s never that enjoyable to watch a movie in which everyone involved is embarrassed. 426 more words