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How to deal with 1 crazy friend? Easy no? Except when I say 1, I mean 2, and when I say crazy, I mean drunk.

It was the night of Portugal vs Ghana. And I, very innocently,proposed to my friends that we get together and watch the game.

Here’s what I learnt from that night, being the sober one aka the one on beer, the one woman army, the life saviour, the reliable one, the responsible one. 125 more words

20 Year Old

Belated happy birthday in advance.

This one is to my dear friend, whose birthday I always miss.

And not just the get together, but the wishing itself. Lets call it ‘ The curious case of N’s birthday’. 177 more words

20 Year Old

When (YOU FEEL LIKE) you are a mess .. ..

What I do when I am a stressed-

1. Become a battery operated musical toddler phone.
You press a number, I interact almost like a real phone. 473 more words

20 Year Old

HI :) LETS BREAK THE ICE. 15 things about me, to start off with.

1. I am going to be 21, in exactly 4 months from today. I don’t like the idea of calling it a “milestone”, or people telling me “Party hard. 675 more words

20 Year Old

Bohemian Rose Quartz and Chrysoprase necklace in Natural Cotton Cord

When I got my rock tumbler, I didn’t realize how noisy it would be or how long it would take to polish stones. I put the bag of stones into the plastic barrel with water and solution. 116 more words