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Turning 20!

I am turning 20 in 4 days! Finally no longer a teenager, but I still have a year until I am 21. I’ll be able to say that I’m in my early 20′s now, which is said to be the best years of your life. 12 more words


80/20 Rule

I came across this article on a popular social networking site and couldn’t resist the temptation of sharing it . Its one of the principles I learnt in B- school and totally forgot about it until now. 404 more words

El soplido de las velas

Ya son dos décadas vividas. 20 años que se han traducido en momentos inolvidables, lágrimas y risas que mezcladas me han enseñado a evolucionar. Soplar las velas, una vez más, y oler el humo de la cera deshaciéndose es una de las experiencias que más me gustan. 524 more words


Have You Read the Easter Story?

The real Easter Story is in the Bible. It is found in John 19, and 20. It wouldn’t take long to refresh your thoughts and mind about what actually happened on the cross. 395 more words


Whip Basics Review

This is my friend Robert Amper from Germany, teacher of the Whip Basics DVD tutorial series, doing a review of our 20 plait Tank Bullwhip. Many thanks to him, the production crew and Mario Desgronte for the photos. 14 more words


The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms / Them! (Double Feature)

Humanity has split the atom, unleashing a new era of science – an era that would also unleash monstrous celluloid rampages. An A-bomb test in the Arctic awakens The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, and it makes New York City its stomping ground in the movie (based on a story by Ray Bradbury) that launched a string of Atomic Age creature features. 61 more words

Sony W800/B 20 MP Digital Camera (Black)

Sony DSCW800/B 20Digital Camera with 2. 7-Inch LCD (black)