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Salve Salve Headbangers!!

Episódio #20 do ScreamChannel Podcast mais animado que nunca! Valdir Silva Jr (Scream) Polly Braga e Rodrigo Tranka atualizam a galera metal com novidades sobre SOAD, Machine Head, Dave Lombardo, Roy Mayorga, Slipknot e uma porrada de coisas no quadro… 199 more words




There is something magical about a beach in the Arctic, and seeing snowcapped mountains in the distance while you swim. But nothing beats seeing our little girl playing in the wilderness, the most child friendly playground of nature, of shallow clear water, fish, shells, seagrass and sticks to poke it all with.

365 Project

The First Wedding of my Twenties

Now before those of you who know me scream, “YOU’RE NOT TWENTY!” Stop. I know, but I turn twenty in less than three weeks. It is close enough.   657 more words

Summer Before Sophomore Year

Day 58

So instead of telling you about my boring day, I’m going to paste a link of something that I read on BuzzFeed today. It’s basically a few small things that every 20-something year old should know and since I’m 20, I found a lot of those things listed to be true. 27 more words

It's not you, it's me...and here's why

Though it’s a pleasing even number, turning twenty this year has forced me to evaluate the milestones I’ve had and not had in my life.  First kiss (check), holding hands (check), asked to a dance (check), going on a date (check), having a boyfriend (nope). 816 more words