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Home Sweet Ho..lly Shit!

For most of you reading this blog you are a college student and with that a huge expense that comes along is housing. Most schools charge an arm and a leg for living under their roof, so to save yourself a lot of money go off campus. 168 more words


Music < Cheap Clothing

Since the debut of Napster and the free sharing of music we, as a society, have been debating the value of music. Today, I had a moment. 319 more words


My favorite decade

NOTE to ease your gag reflex, since some people hate reading about feelings and people who love each other and admit it out loud (were you not hugged as a child?)… This post isn’t all… 579 more words


How I lost my sight

By Dorcas Solomon

As a sixteen year old I was convinced I had lost everything – when you have no sight, you wonder how much you can really accomplish. 371 more words


Fiction: 20 Answers

20 Answers

I am a faded sunset,

the gap in your tooth, the blinds closed shut just enough.

I am the ice in your drink. 159 more words

Creative Writing


Do you want to make money online in as little as 48 hours

You can start making money without creating a product, without dealing with support nightmares and even without a website. 40 more words