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Eureka, 7 (The Football Episode)

There are, really, two approaches to discussing the comparatively unpopular Episode 39 of Eureka Seven. One can either focus on what actually happens and talk about it as a sports animé, or one can discuss what it “means” within the framework of the series. 1,421 more words

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The Return

Clearly I left this blog much longer than I meant to. My last post was on the 31st of May and here I am two months later, despite having made clear plans of what I’d be doing once back from holiday. 1,738 more words


Rogue Trooper

IDW began publishing a Rogue Trooper series this year. This character, like Judge Dredd, comes from the pages of UK comics magazine 2000AD. Co-created by… 210 more words

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Harlem Heroes

Audiences in the States may know 2000AD as the UK magazine that spawned Judge Dredd. Our readers know we love 2000AD for the dinosaur series… 248 more words

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A look at... Judge Dredd Annual 1984 (book.)

It’s another in my series of writeups on Judge Dredd annuals published by Fleetway.  This time I’m opening the 1984 edition (having already written about ’85 and ’86).   516 more words


It’s the scripts 2000AD rejects…

…that makes 2000AD the best.* That’s true, of course, though the flipside – and perhaps the fairer way of looking at it – would be to say it’s the scripts it accepts that make it the best. 257 more words


A look at Judge Dredd Annual 1986 (book)

I’m continuing my look at the Fleetway Judge Dredd Annuals with the 1986 edition.  The Carlos Ezquerro cover is good – better than the 85 edition in my opinion, with Dredd drawn in a street chase, gun blazing.   489 more words