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Prog 1877 Review

Another week, another smashing Prog, and yes, I’m using that corny line to open this review with your usual chat about the cover, which in this case is of Dredd smashing through glass on his bike like an utter badass. 2,427 more words

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Brass Sun - six issue miniseries from 2000AD in US Format - Issue 1 28th April 2014

Brass Sun

Published by Rebellion

32 Page US Format
28th May 2014
$3.99 (£2.99)

Ian Edgington

I.N.J. Culbard

Ellie De Ville

This is second US Format excursion from 2000AD following the success of Dredd: Underbelly. 417 more words


Prog 1876 Review

Hello, hello.

Though I won’t be starting with this today, I think that in my next review of 2000AD I’m going to try my hand structuring the post differently. 2,740 more words

Judge Dredd

Dredd: Underbelly Review

Hello again.

This is a bit of an interesting one we have today. Shortly before I renewed my subscription to 2000AD I saw that they were doing a limited reprint of this story, the first having sold out. 2,379 more words

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Comics Haul 10/4/2014

Once again there’s a title I bought this week – Captain Marvel #2 – that is part of an ongoing series; it’s also the first of a new policy, that I won’t review ongoing series because I don’t want to give spoilers, unless something *changes* significantly in their quality (in this case, nope. 1,179 more words


Why Dredd (3D) Is One Of My Favourite Films Of All Time

When a friend told me of this film’s existence I recoiled in horror. It’s true. A complete contradiction of the title of course, so I think I should probably explain how little my hopes were for this film before I pile a ridiculous amount of praise upon it. 3,652 more words

Judge Dredd

Prog 1875 Review

Cover by Karl Richardson

Quite a disappointing cover compared to last week’s for me. There’s nothing that I would say is wrong about it in way of potential mistakes or anything – it’s just a very generic pose and image from my perspective. 1,332 more words

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