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Bowling for Columbine (2002)

Beginning with the infamous school shooting of 1999, this biased probing of american weaponry obsession tries to connect the individual with the national. 30 more words

Memento (2000, Christopher Nolan)


Puzzles are fun. A movie that can sustain a well-rounded story and also give us a somewhat coherent mystery to solve, something that keeps us paying close attention to every detail and requires us to greet every confusing, open-ended development with skepticism and a cocked eye, is sort of a rare treasure. 1,505 more words

AFI 400 Nominees

Josh Rouse - Flight Attendant

Nebraska-born Josh Rouse has released numerous great albums with smooth folk / singer-songwriter music and should deserve as much playtime as his more commercially successful contemporaries. 69 more words

Pernilla Andersson - I Know How It Feels

Some 10 years ago, Pernilla Andersson, now the wife of Dregen, released an album called Cradlehouse which included a few absolutely brilliant songs which seem quite overlooked by the general audience. 39 more words

Clothing of the Future!

This video is about fashion predictions of the future. These were made in 1939 by American designers. They created outfits they thought represented fashion trends for the year 2000 and they are modeled by a woman named Eve.