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Never Happened

Never Happened, 2003

30″ x 24″



Full profile of my model.

Gothic/Punk make-up style.


JOURNAL [+ PDF]: van der Walt, Alexander, Bonner, Hyslop, 2009, "Introduction: Labour crossings in Eastern and Southern Africa"

Peter Alexander, Philip Bonner, Jonathan Hyslop, and Lucien van der Walt, 2009, “Introduction: labour crossings in Eastern and Southern Africa”, African Studies, volume 68, number 1, special section on “Labour Crossings in Eastern and Southern Africa”, … 291 more words


Jimmy Kimmel Airs New Episode of 'FRIENDS'....Kind Of

It’s the FRIENDS cast reunion that we’ve all been waiting for!…if that reunion involves none of the male cast members. Jimmy Kimmel lived out most of our teenaged fantasies (more guys then girls probably) and got together with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to re-create some personal… 17 more words


The Quiet Ones Review

2014 – PG 13 – 98 Minutes – Lionsgate
Starring Jared Harris, Sam Claflin, Olivia Cook – Directed by John Pogue

Much like the monsters they made films about, Hammer never truly died, although it did lay dormant for a long time. 1,279 more words

Written Review

Hot Rod: You Can't Play the Player

Richardson (Chester Tam) wears a You Can’t Play the Player T-shirt in the 2007 movie Hot Rod.


St. Trinian's: The Legend of Fritton's Gold (2009)

aka St. Trinian’s 2*

2014 #74
Oliver Parker & Barnaby Thompson | 101 mins | TV | 2.35:1 | UK / English | PG…
438 more words