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April 18

April 18, 2002 – The Attraction Primeval Whirl Opens in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

“Spin and slide on a time-machine coaster back to the dinosaur age through a madcap maze of curves and drops.” 55 more words

History of Economics: What Caused the Dotcom Bubble to Burst?

The dotcom bubble was the mess that came before the great mess between 2008 and 2009 when stocks took a turn for the worst. From early 1998 through February 2000, the Internet sector earned over 1000 percent in returns on its stocks. 407 more words

Metal for Friday: "Revelations" by Judas Priest. [audio]

If you love metal, you love Judas Priest by definition. Judas Priest is to heavy metal what Shakespeare is to drama. You just can’t get smoother, heavier or a more perfect metallic sound than the crushing twin guitar assault of Tipton and Downing and the vocals of Rob Halford. 154 more words


#413 -- Frankenfish (2004)

A genetically altered fish stalks the swamps of Louisiana. Not much more to it; it’s nothing specially, really. Very simple, very goofy, and actually not as bad as you’d think.


City of Ember, by Jeanne Duprau

Another pick for my library book club — this one I hadn’t even heard of until I found four copies of it in my children’s section, and then I figured, hey, if we already have a lot of copies of it… 517 more words