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Jeanette Carneglia ’06 BA PSc/PSt is now managing director at Teach for America

Jeanette Carneglia is now managing director at Teach for America, the national corps of outstanding top college graduates, graduate students, and professionals who commit two years to teach in low-income urban and rural public schools and become lifelong leaders in expanding educational opportunity for all. 110 more words


The Chemical Brothers, Push the Button (Virgin, 2005)

The Chemical Brothers are the Dance/Electronic band that rock fans are allowed to say they like, so it’s not surprising that they’re showing up here. I own just one kind of electronicish sort of album, DJ Shadow’s… 263 more words



Mum cut this recipe out of the Woman’s Day. It would make a great hot lunch dish as well as being easy to transport to a picnic or when you have to take something to share with family and friends.

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The Heat. Europa Europa. Blue is the Warmest Color. Standing Up. Speed. Speed 2. Freaky Friday. Children of Men. Freedomland. Very Good Girls. Dead End. Stuck in Love. Miss Congeniality. Miss Congeniality 2. The Haunting in Connecticut 2. A Daughter's Nightmare. Peace, Love & Misunderstanding. All About Steve. Texas Chainsaw 3. The Possession. Oculus. Candleshoe. All about Steve. But I'm a Cheerleader. Consent. G.B.F. Tarzan. Starving in Suburbia. Haunt. Blindness. Excision.

The Heat

Without a doubt, comedy of the year. It seems impossible to choose a single best scene, but I’m gonna go with the club scene, when the guy says picture time and Sandra’s character pushes herself into the crowd and slaps his hand, while this other guy is always in the way and Mullins is trying to get all the girls away from the first guy, trying to fight the narc at the same time, saying are you fucking kidding me when she sees him. 2,719 more words



San Diego Comic-Con preview night is bustling and more and more photos are coming out on twitter. Legendary Pictures has a large presence this year with Warcraft and Pacific Rim.  31 more words



Faze is an R&B group from Miami, Florida that originally consisted of Dave Johnson, Edward Faison, Wayne Morrison, Princeton Chery and Robert Wright.

The group met at a talent show & decided to sing together. 404 more words