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Esophageal reflux miracle antidote

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

I promised yesterday that I’d share something I can attest to from personal experience to lift your spirits if you’ve got a goozle with a relaxed sphincter.  247 more words

Human Behavior

Charlie Bartlett: A Kid Who Tells On Another Kid Is A Dead Kid

Murphy Bivens (Tyler Hilton) wears a t-shirt with the phrase “A kid who tells on another kid is a dead kid” in the 2007 movie… 24 more words


Mini-Reviews #1

All three of the books in this post are worthy of having a big long rambling post to themselves. Alas, I have been terrible at staying on top of my reviews this year, with the result that I have forgotten much of what I wanted to ramble about! 1,087 more words

Trojan War

The Rise and Decline of the Talmud

During the Age of Christianity (AD 70-622), Jews in Olympia suffered five disasters: (1) Roman victories over Jewish rebels in Judea in AD 70, (2) Alexandria in 117, (3) and Judea again in 135; (4) the growth of Christianity into a more appealing, powerful, and hostile opponent by 200; and (5) the establishment of Christianity as the sole legal religion of the Roman empire in 386. 601 more words


Coco Mademoiselle

I’ve decided to wear one of my favorite Chanel fragrances on my birthday this year – Coco Mademoiselle, as pictured above.  Using this bottle of Mademoiselle brings back a lot of memories… 1,091 more words


The Royal Guardsmen

I very vaguely remember The Royal Guardsmen comeback in the 2000s. And by vaguely, I mean I only remember because I read about it and it sparked the memory. 22 more words

Most Importantly - The Vinyl

Alexander ★★★

Alexander is an interesting, intriguing epic that considers many possibilities. Since much of ancient history is based on fragmented information, the details are open to various explanations. 380 more words