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Evolving With Modi

The first sign of any kind of life is believed to be a cell named prokaryotes; which happened 3.6 billion years ago on earth. First sign of any life similar to modern human came around 2 lacks year ago. 1,365 more words


Here comes the new Pope

Today is a transitional day in Mantua. We are electing and welcoming in a new pope. The previous pope, Pope Alexander VI, recently and abruptly passed away. 251 more words

Pogrom Politics from 1984 to 2002: Sanjay Kumar

Guest post by SANJAY KUMAR

Delhi 1984 and Gujarat 2002 are among the darkest spots in India’s post independence history. Like all other communal killings in the country, they too were similar in the mechanics of their violence. 2,672 more words


Adventures in Curling

I have never been a sports-oriented person. I was one of those kids who tried every trick in the book to get out of gym. I don’t really follow any baseball, football or hockey team. 2,416 more words

Musique 365: Day 107: Genesis Files - Steve Hackett

Faithful to the originals (perhaps so faithful that you have to play ‘spot the difference’ at times), I imagine Mr Hackett feels that if it isn’t broken, then there really is no point in fixing it. 14 more words

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2002) - Video Game Review

You know what? I have to be honest… I am a little disappointed in the way that the buffyverse has been handled since the end of both, ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ and, ‘ Angel’… The reason being is that, although I imagine Joss Whedon ( 344 more words

Video Game Reviews

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Standard - PC

Simulation Games | Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Standard – PC

In Flight Simulator 2002, you’ll enjoy a piloting experience so real it’s as if you were really in a cockpit! 25 more words