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Queen Of All the Tarts (Overture)

Queen Of All the Tarts (Overture).

As its recording was used as pre-show music for much of the Reality Tour, was “Queen Of All the Tarts (Overture)” once intended as an album intro? 259 more words

David Bowie

OLDBOY (2003)

Director of Photography: Chung-hoon Chung

Director: Chan-wook Park

Perfect Shots

Musique 365: Day 352: Whoever It Was That Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home - Martyn Joseph

Here’s my review of this album from back in 2003:

Whatever this recording lacks in running time (36 minutes), it certainly makes up for not only in title length but also with music that pulls no punches. 309 more words


-when falling in love
–   one trips and tumbles over an edge
–      intoxicated and clumsy with the high

-and most falls
–   end smashing in the damp echo… 21 more words


ELF (2003)

Director of Photography: Greg Gardiner

Director: Jon Favreau

Perfect Shots


– i’m almost ready
–  to slip into the mopping dreaminess
–    of a girl in love
–      who cannot make love
–        passionately, howling ferociously in the night… 161 more words


bleeding again

bleeding again
i woke up early
with a spooked, startled feeling
and found blood between my thighs
bleeding again — the woman’s life, a blessing… 197 more words