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WWE Cyber Sunday 2006 Review

*Note: Since this show is about fan voting to determine matches, all choices will be listed, italicized choice is the winner*

1). Umaga (w/Armando Alejandro Estrada) vs. 929 more words


Panic! at the Disco and Jack’s Mannequin at The Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA 11-11-2006

Yeah these photos look like they were taken with a fucking VCR then run through posterize on PhotoShop then saved as a .jpg 8,000 times. It was dark, I was in the seats, and I had (have?) a 6MP camera. 682 more words


johnlink ranks MIAMI VICE (2006)

Just broke a streak of ten consecutive 20th century films with the 2006 movie MIAMI VICE. I almost watched something from the 90s just because I had a streak going and I have obsessive compulsive issues. 690 more words

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Pasteurized Milk The Deadly Poison (Video)

We are the Ummah of Milk, The last and final Messenger sent to mankind when he was offered wine or Milk to drink he chose the Pure Milk (Raw,unpasteurized real pure Milk). 57 more words


WWE Summerslam 2006 Review

1). Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero – **1/2

- This was a very middle of the road match, it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t necessarily bad either. 732 more words