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Review of "Game Change" by John Heilemann

Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime

by John Heilemann, Mark Halperin

After watching the 2012 movie of this name, I knew I HAD to read the book. 164 more words

Why I'm burning my last bridge with Obama

“Mr. Obama, you are the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on the American people…”

Some of the scathing accusations included by the former Obama cheerleader, who sounds now more Conservative/Libertarian/Tea Party than the hard-core Marxist she formerly admired, include: 165 more words


Thad Cochran shrugs off Sarah Palin nod to opponent

In what is emerging as a pattern of either establishment Republican hubris or a lack of situational awareness, the Politico reports that Thad Cochran shrugs off Sarah Palin nod to opponent… 151 more words


The conclave guessing game: lessons from a numbers geek

VATICAN CITY — A year-ago today, as the world’s cardinals solemnly filed into the Sistine Chapel to elect a new pope, news outlets, blogs and betting sites were… 813 more words


Iowa poll gauges support for presidential retreads

(CNN) – A new survey asked Iowa voters about potential presidential candidates who’ve already run for the White House, and the results show some good news for Republicans Mike Huckabee and Paul Ryan. 448 more words


Palin warned Russia could invade Ukraine – back in 2008

Some things are just way too delicious.  Tony Lee, blogger of excellence at Breitbart’s Big Peace, reminds us of a point Sarah Palin made during the 2008 campaign: 500 more words

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