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Swans: My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky

Still not sure what to make of the re-united Swans. I think it’s definitely not as exciting as Swans in the 90s was. But this is still a pretty damn solid rock album. 41 more words

On Medication 21/11/2010

While I was in hospital my medication was changed from quetiapine to amisulpride. My consultant’s idea of a gradual taper from quetiapine was to go from 700mg to 300mg for three nights and then nothing. 489 more words


On Being Sectioned 15/11/2010

I have now been detained under section 3 of the Mental Health Act twice. I think your history counts against you and if you have been sectioned once it is easier to be sectioned again. 445 more words


Reflections 12/11/2010

I am at home, on leave, and I will be discharged on Tuesday all being well. And it will be well, I am determined of that. 295 more words


Mixed Messages 05/09/2010

I was given a booklet which talks about the need to emancipate yourself from the psychiatric system and its toxic pharmaceuticals. And told to start taking my medication again. 75 more words


Change 01/09/2010

There is a whole huge industry devoted to changing, there are shelves and shelves of books on how to do it. Changing your self, changing your life, becoming different, better, happier, in all sorts of flavours from CBT to South American shamanism. 90 more words


No Therapy For Me 22/08/2010

So it seems there are two reasons I’m not going to be offered any therapy. The first is the predictable “risk factor” in that I’m judged too ill, or too likely to become ill, to cope. 198 more words