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Eight months in China

After my first time in China I waited some time to return, but when I came back it was not just for a visit.

This time my stay in China was longer and more intense. 421 more words


Spring is just around the corner...

In celebration of the first warm day and the intimations of spring, here’s a painting from a couple of years ago.

Near the top of the Pinnacles lookout in the Grampians, but looking the other way towards the west. 65 more words


Leaves of Three Let Them Be

Written by Clinical Marketing Students: Taylor Mills, Rebecca Reeve, Sarah Ruggles, Tonia Hall-Wade

“Leaves of three, let them be.” Well it’s that time again! Poison ivy, oak, and sumac are back and everyone should take care when going outside. 475 more words


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Happy Friday everyone! I thought, for this Friday post, that I would address something that has been making its rounds on everyone’s social media – the Ice Bucket Challenge, benefiting ALS research. 621 more words


Gosick Review

Sometimes when I watch BONES anime, I get the sense that this studio and I were just destined for each other—it’s as if they’re making anime specifically for me. 1,104 more words


HCS (J.Br.) Question Papers


I have no idea as to when the glitch with challans for HCS (J.Br) will be sorted out but here are the Civil (I & II) and Criminal Papers for the mains (2013 & 2011) . 36 more words

Judicial Examinations