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Contemporary Bedroom Furnishings Design And Style 2011

The bedroom is a place in your house the place they expect to uncover the greatest type of rest and comfort achievable. This is in which you can get all crucial rest and needed some rest soon after a lengthy day of tedious operate. 18 more words

Not Too Much GRR Today 23/02/2011

More flying. Flapping and soaring. The incessant urge to move is still there. It’s like this – try to watch television, no good, have to move, get out the jigsaw, slot in a couple of pieces, no good, have to move, get out some artwork, no good, have to move . 238 more words

Crisis Team

Is Medication Worth It? 18/02/2011

I saw the crisis team consultant today. He wanted me to go into hospital “for a week” but I said no. I don’t want to go back to hospital and I don’t really trust that it would only be a week. 232 more words

Crisis Team

Crisis Team 17/02/2011


But see this is what I mean about support. I saw my social worker yesterday and she spoke to the consultant, organised an appointment with the psychologist and referred me to the crisis team. 80 more words

Crisis Team

Luxury Present Day Bedding Design And Style 2011 Collection

This Plum Monet Bedlinen Assortment is a gorgeous way of including an interesting twist to your bedroom. The bedding functions an exquisite style of appliqued floral patterns in luscious, wealthy shades set on a organic colourway and completed with embellished detailing that is positive to… … 8 more words

A requiem for our mutual acceptance

And there they stood surrounded by silence on the edge of a stone wall.
He gave a questioning look and asked softly:
- What I never understood is why are you always wearing shades. 85 more words