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Small Group of 'Concerned Students' Stage Protest at Foreign Policy Debate

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Before Monday night’s debate watch in Lohrfink, attendees were handed curious pamphlets before the event, filled with pictures of the “victims of American imperialism,” Howard Zinn quotes, and military spending statistics. 671 more words

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Food For Thought

This is a map of how each county in all 50 states voted in the 2012 Presidential election. Think about it. How can Republicans embrace urban centers, and how can urban centers embrace Republicans?

2012 Election

Wayne Root Exclusive: How Obama scammed his way to victory in 2012

Obama’s illegal use of the IRS to destroy political opposition might have killed enthusiasm and eliminated free speech for conservatives – but you’ll be shocked just how deep the Democrats’ voter fraud wave ran in 2012. 129 more words

Knowledge Is Power

Interact with the 2012 election results

The New York Times has been known for years to create and design interesting and unique interactive maps, timelines and much more.

During the 2012 Presidential Election between President Obama and Former Governor Mitt Romney, the Times decided to update their look of the electoral map for the results coming in. 145 more words


MASSIVE 2012 VOTER FRAUD: 35,750 with same name & DOB voted in 2 states

More evidence that Obama and the Dems stole the 2012 elections.

More evidence that the United State of America has devolved into a Third World and third rate country. 409 more words

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The Obama Rule: Expanding Politics

A few years ago, I performed a research effort to look deeper into the election of Barack Obama for the purpose of sharing with other political junkies via Wikipedia. 1,640 more words

2012 Election