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JO'S...a very inviting local joint!

Posted 16th December 2012 by Chris Chu

So…Saturday night my wife, our friend and myself were trying to figure out a good place to go in the city.  330 more words

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BLUE MOON FISH CO...What a great brunch in Florida..

Posted 23rd September 2012 by Chris Chu

If you’re ever in Ft. Lauderdale and in the mood for a nice waterfront dining experience, you have to check this joint out!!!  352 more words

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TAKESUSHI - Sunnyside...this place used to be in Manhattan, right?

Posted 17th September 2012 by Chris Chu

Recently I heard that a new Japanese restaurant had opened in the nabe so Saturday nite a couple of buddies and I checked out the new joint named… 481 more words

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BENITO 1...I can't believe I ate in Little Italy!

Posted 10th September 2012 by Chris Chu

So one day my buddy (who loves eating out even more than I do) says to me “Hey, let’s go get some Italian food!”  He picks up my wife & I and off we go to Little Italy. 
490 more words

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LA FLOR...What can I say, my buddy throws down good eats!

Posted 27th August 2012 by Chris Chu

Surprisingly I have waited this long to write about my friend Viko’s restaurant, LA FLOR which is kind of a shocker to me since the man puts out some awesome eats in a local neighborhood joint.  519 more words

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THE BOON FLY CAFE…Good call Mike, I owe you one!

Posted 12th August 2012 by Chris Chu

So…one year we take a trip out West to visit Napa Valley and San Francisco; one of those trips to celebrate an anniversary or birthday or what have you.  501 more words

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