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Ongoing List about Me.

  • I like blue food
  • I’m afraid of cockroaches
  • I am fond of small glass bottles
  • My favorite seat in a jeepney is one of the corner seats.
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Rant 101

I’ve decided not to include rants in my blog lately but meh fck that self-imposed rule.

I am so fckin depressed right now I might as well just curl up and cry. 173 more words

2012 Posts

Just because I act like everything’s alright, doesn’t mean it really is. That’s why it’s called an “act”.

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Major Throwback

Okay. So first of all I wanna warn you that this post will be very disorganized. It may just contain nonsensical ramblings or whatever.  I just write what comes into my mind. 1,455 more words

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