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Duke to Attend the Ball, St Andrew's Society, Montreal, 1911

Montreal Standard, 4 November 1911, page 18

Duke to Attend the Ball

The seventy-sixth annual meeting of St Andrew’s Society of Montreal was held on Thursday, with Lieut-Colonel Gardner in the chair. 214 more words


Thanksgiving, Montreal, 1901

Montreal Gazette, 28 Nov 1901, page 7

Thanksgiving Day. . .

Today the Big Store is closed. Business can afford to rest while we keep festival, as men, as traders, and citizens. 106 more words


The Psychology of Fashion, Montreal, 1911

Montreal Standard, 7 October 1911, page 24

The Psychology of Fashion

Why do fashions in dress- woman’s dress, of course- change, or at least change so rapidly- so rapidly, in fact, that a woman out of town on a brief vacation runs the danger upon returning of finding herself, so far as clothes are concerned, a female Rip Van Winkle? 630 more words


Gifts a Woman will Appreciate, Montreal, 1911

Montreal Gazette 22 December 1911, page 14

There is not a suggestion here that a woman wouldn’t appreciate
-and appreciate to the fullest extent, too, because the very nature of the gift is so significant. 121 more words


Does Your Boy Smoke? Montreal, 1907

Montreal Standard, 12 January 1907, page 11

Does Your Boy Smoke?

The boys of our country are being poisoned by cigarettes. The habit is fastening itself upon thousands of mere children. 461 more words


Oats ad, Montreal, 1912

Montreal Daily Star, 8 May 1912, page 7

“Eh! Man, but I’d like a dish o’ they Oats.”


Fudge Recipe, Montreal, 1911

Montreal Gazette, 24 November 1911, page 11

Fudge is nicest when made with Fry’s
The Cocoa

Mix 2 cups granulated sugar and 2 tablespoons Fry’s Cocoa. 78 more words