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Since Spring started, I’ve been seeing an increase in these purple blooms all over Sydney.
No idea what this tree is called, but I absolutely love the color :) 14 more words


2 Danks Street


This is supposed to be a space for various contemporary artists to showcase their work, but on the day I was there, it seemed pretty deserted and… Closed. 32 more words


Reutech starts delivering Land Rogue remote controlled weapon stations to Malaysian Army

Reutech’s Land Rogue remote controlled weapon stations are being delivered to Malaysia after recently passing factory acceptance trials. Reutech is supplying 54 Land Rogues to Denel Land Systems (DLS), which will be used by the Malaysian Army.

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Daily News

Approaching The Rabbit

First time approaching the museum from this gritty-feeling alleyway.

As always, there are various ways to the same destination.


Commune II

It feels so ironic that a culture’s tradition and symbols seem more valued outside of than in its original context. The bricks below were taken directly from the Great Wall, representing what villagers living along parts of the Wall are doing on a much larger scale – because they cannot afford to buy bricks or other construction materials, they are helping themselves to brick after brick of the Wall, to build their ovens, stoves, shelters. 88 more words