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Felt like Daisy Buchanan in this gorgeous 20′s style dress from Miss Selfridge. I’m in love.


Hello 30's... and Welcome to "Not So 30's!"

Here it is! The day I have been planning for since October 12th, 2012… Why that date? On that date I created a mission statement for this blog formerly known as “Oh No The Big Three Oh”… I saw my 30′s birthday down the pipeline and I wanted to give myself some goals to make myself a better and happier person. 230 more words


19 "Old Person" Moments You Suddenly Start Having In Your 20s

1. You have an epiphany about the importance of multivitamins, and if your friends aren’t already taking one, you list for them the endless benefits. 310 more words

Feelin' Alive

I was thinking today I feel alive for the first time in a long time. My education is almost done and now it’s my time to with my life what I want to do. 401 more words

April 17

Today i made the, normally boring, 4 hour drive from San Antonio to Abilene; not boring this time though! Gloriously gloomy and rainy skies! Which was fantastic because the ac in my car is broken and i’m too cheap to go get it fixed(acceptable behavior for people in their 20′s?) 132 more words


Some things in life, you just have to…

Handle on your own.

You won’t be able to rely on your parents. Your friends won’t be around to support you. There won’t be any good Samaritans waiting on the sidelines to come and save you. 219 more words