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To be young, vague, and cliche

So much stress. Too much, too little, too fast, too slow. I kind of love the cliche but it’s really a thing to hate. Life in the early 20s feels like a mess. 587 more words

The Story about Why I Dislike Rain

Hello Tuesday babies! :)

Happy Eid! <3

So here in the sunny bunny isle of Sri Lanka, the rains have decided to come down on us. 325 more words


‘Talking’ Is Not a Relationship Status

Since the meaning of ‘talking’ in this context does not apply the traditional meaning, I have decided to include a few Urban Dictionary definitions for those ignorant on what I am referring to: 520 more words


...I used to think

I used to think I wanted to prove to myself that “I could”.
Now I realize it’s not about proving anything; it’s simply the desire to love and be loved.


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Firstly, I apologise for being MIA the last couple of weeks, I had a busy end of the work year (6 weeks off yay!) I’ve been to Portsmouth and Matlock gallivanting, but now I’m back and I’m freeeee! 216 more words

5 Must-Haves In Her Bags

No, we are not telling you what you need in your bag as another woman! We just want to share the little ‘secret weapon’ that saves our day whether we are out on a hot date or simply enjoying our own solitude. 1,163 more words


160 Please Hold the Pole Ladies!

This morning I saw a sight that I am seeing more and more frequently: women in their 20’s who refuse to hold on to the subway poles. 112 more words