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Now is the time, Happy now.


On August 12 2014 most of us awoke to the news that Robin Williams had died, and the most shocking part was that he had committed suicide. 449 more words

Emojis Aren't a Replacement For Actual Human Interaction!

If anyone has any helpful suggestions on how to make life long best friends that will constantly be available to do hoodrat things with me please leave a comment on this post. 1,139 more words

I'm Just Saying....

Is Social Media Forcing People to Second Guess Their Journey?

Social media makes you think twice about life decisions….. or so I’ve heard.  To be totally honest I will admit I’ve had those moments while scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or YouTube where I literally go on an emotional roller coaster! 228 more words

28 Things About Me!

I’m really trying to get more active and more consistent with blogging. For the next couple of weeks you will start to see more and more of me! 743 more words


Speak Yo' Mind, Girl!

LOL at me using a gif from a Tyler Perry movie. I really hate Tyler Perry, maybe I’ll write about that another time.

So I’m sitting in bed eating a donut (okay 3 donuts stop judging me) and having a mini celebration in honor of me doing something I haven’t done in awhile which is… 675 more words


I have been a resident of Miami for the past few months. I moved here in March, right after my baby nephew was born. I didn’t know much about Miami prior to moving here. 416 more words