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Girls, and Their Insecurities

I have encountered enough girls in my life to know that girls have insecurities, running rampant.

I believe that 99% of our reactions to other people stem from insecurities and experiences within ourselves (unless, of course, an outlier might be an injustice being caused, but then again, that can also be boiled down to an insecurity). 1,457 more words

Life Ponderings

Livin' is easy peasy lemon squeezy! :D

Oh heyyyy,

Basically, lately #hoodieallen has been my constant obsession. He is such a bad ass I mean he was a Finance & Marketing major at an extremely well known accredited college. 503 more words

Fill in the blank spaces!

The older I grow the more I tend to focus on my future, who I want to spend my time with, how important family is to me, and how I am going to live the rest of my life.  701 more words


Church. Small Groups. Feeding Believers.

Today, as I was enjoying my morning, drinking caramel coffee and catching up on Scripture and my favorite blogs, the ever insightful Maci Shingleton sparked something. 778 more words

Update on my Failure...I Mean One Year Challenge...

Okay. So things aren’t going exactly as planned. Let me be clear that when I say “exactly as planned” I mean that things are going about as far off-course as could possibly be imagined for this One Year Challenge of mine. 797 more words

Things I am Forgiving My Friends For in Terms of Dating

As young adults, we kind of had this ‘girl pact': if you did anything to betray your girl friends for a guy, it became automatic grounds for removal from the friend group. 985 more words


On Enthusiasm.

My friend who took me to my first AA meeting asked me if I wanted to go to an all women’s meeting. This conversation stemmed after a long discussion about my amazing dating history (and by amazing, I mean not amazing at all, not even a little bit). 1,312 more words