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I swear, something about strolls at dusk is magical. Today I got off work early (holla to all the other babysitters / nannies out there!) because I needed to return a book at my campus bookstore. 498 more words

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Living Nightmares (Or So You Thought) As A 90s Kid...

As a child in the 90’s the pains you’d have to suffer on a daily basis were just surreal.

Having to leave your Tamagotchi at home when you were in school knowing it would need food and sleep… or it would die. 1,022 more words



My muse,
Provoking inspiration I wish I could not write;
Evoking emotions I wish I could not feel.

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Butter Beans and the Summer of Love

I had such high hopes for the blog. And for 2015, now I’m stuck struggling through the fallout of a long-term relationship breakup and I am drowning. 173 more words


What do you people do?

My friend Caitie and I text each other at least once a week with the questions “What are you doing? What do people do after work or on the weekends?” 573 more words





“A social or romantic appointment or engagement. I’ve got a hot date tonight.”

After getting far too caught up on a blog site that recounts traumatic dating experiences I thought I should share my own. 958 more words



I have a riddle for you. What’s white, cold, can strand you in your home, force you to break out your ski jacket from the 90s, buy large quantities of salt, and steal your neighbors shovel? 689 more words