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The Name Game…

Caitlin! Caitlin, Caitlin Bo Baitlin Banana Fanana Fo Faitlin Mi My Mo Maitlin…

Nothing sends a confident, independent 24 year old woman into an existential crisis like the post-wedding name change game.

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The Nonstop Millennial Spring Roll

I love spring rolls.  Vietnamese food is all about wrap and roll.  We love our vegetables and our rice papers so much we have hundred types of spring rolls from fish to meat to tofu to … whatever else you can think of. 358 more words


10 Most Valuable Lessons from this Thing Called Life

Dear world,
I’m also unsure as to how a weekly blogger abandons ship for over two months. Regardless, I’m back, and the writer in me is itching to return to the world of blogging. 477 more words

What I've Learned

The Best Job On Earth

I have the best job on earth: Aunt (or Tita for any of my fellow Filipinos out there). Being an Aunt is actually my favorite part of my life thus far. 441 more words


Failure, Your Friend

You know when everything is going well? That feeling where you’re right on track? and you have all the motivation and inspiration in the world propelling you forward? 787 more words

The Windy City: Take 1,000

Chicago, Illinois. The Windy City. This is a place after my heart. Ben, a native suburb-of-Chicagoan, and I have been together for over 3 and a half years so I’m no stranger to this amazing city (it feels like I’ve made the trek to Chicago at least a thousand times).  289 more words


'Everything that happens is from now on'

So here I am. And this is my blog. People say write what you know, so here goes -right now, this is what I know. 977 more words