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I guess this is...

a kind of more compact and more blunt version of what I had pretty much written for last night…

I struggle daily with my anxiety and depression. 130 more words


I’ve mentioned a million times before that I love the start of a new year. Let’s be real, what isn’t to love? It’s a day dedicated to celebrating the future and all that it holds. 414 more words

I had

typed up an extremely long and emotional post only for it to not save and become lost. So disappointed and annoyed. Stupid iPhone and stupid falling asleep while typing. 15 more words

Happy Skimm Day! #TheSkimm #SkimmLife

Happy Hump Day and Happy Skimm Day to everyone!

Most of you are probably wondering — what is she talking about “Skimm Day”. No it is not a national holiday talked about in your 12th grade… 228 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge: Day One

My current relationship:

Well, I’m the luckiest woman in the world. I’m engaged to my best friend and I get to call him my husband in a little less than a year! 159 more words

It's always been...

a struggle for me to eat breakfast in the morning. Well, to eat anything earlier than 11am to noonish, no matter when I woke up. (Usually I’m awake between 4am and 6am, dependent on the day.) Everything always bothers my stomach but my doctors are telling me that I need to start trying to break my habit and overcome whatever it is that my body has against it. 58 more words

To be honest...

I have a lot to say but being so new to the whole “blogging” thing, I find myself struggling to allow myself to just drown anyone with my inner ramblings. 115 more words