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Vietnamize your diet

I have traveled to many countries and had the chance to try many delicious food. The one thing people always asked me: how do you stay healthy and not gain weight and still be able to eat so much? 206 more words



Your preoccupation with honesty fascinates me. As if honesty is the hallmark of goodness. The alternative, an omission of truthfulness: a lie. Evading mild acknowledgment doesn’t render you honest by default. 287 more words

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I adore the CN tower.
My fascination with it is probably average,
I’ve only been up there once.
I like that no matter where I am in the city, 80 more words

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The Disadvantages of Being Single

“Just for fun”, I went through my contacts to calculate how many of my friends are in relationships/married, and how many of my friends are single. 1,709 more words



I stood at the top of this building staring down
Watching lights flicker past and people glide along cracked sidewalks.
I felt a shove, gentle but with such promise… 130 more words

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My Tiff with Cooking

(Proof that I one time cooked dinner)

Every week, as my room mates and I compile a list of things to get at the grocery store, I exclaim, “I think I will try to cook something this week!”. 1,008 more words

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Making A Change

So I’ve recently come in contact with a lot of amazing bloggers, and they all say the same thing:

Have. A. Schedule.
Have. A. Niche. 105 more words

Weekend WrapUp!