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Hell on earth is a lot like falling in love with someone who doesn't feel the same.

Joan Girardi: A lot of what happens here really sucks, so much for your… perfect system… Can you see me being really mad at you right now? 1,249 more words

Well, hello there!

Introductions first! I’m Heather, a 23 year-old Canadian-American hybrid, somewhat recent McGill grad, major animal enthusiast, brand new blogger, with a penchant for traveling, ready to explore the unknown. 449 more words


Back after retirement

After a long hiatus (too long for sure) I am back!

I have officially left both jobs, left my part time job on August 1st (separate analysis of life working retail to come) and my full time job on the 15th. 291 more words


Bad Breakups with Good People

I’m writing this on my couch, a beef (I think it’s beef) hot stick in hand, Bon Iver blasting, and staring out my rainy window, feeling very mopey and cynical. 818 more words

Project 30 - Day 1

I was really nervous about what I just decided to do last night upon waking up.

To start off my day, I read and believed 5 new things that interested me and engaged in proper morning stretches via Sun Salutation (10min of Yoga) before breakfast. 301 more words


Change is now

Stop. Stop what you’re doing, right now.

Today is _________day and you have been trying to find all the right answers to your unanswered questions. 175 more words

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