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For months on first knowing you, I said to myself here’s one of these talkers. They don’t know what feeling is, happily for them. Because everyone I most honour is silent – Nessa, Lytton, Leonard, Maynard: all silent; and so I have trained myself to silence; induced to it also by the terror I have of my own unlimited capacity for feeling – when Lytton seemed to be dying – well yes: I can’t go into that, even now.

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20th Century

Familiar streets: a Paddington estate

When I first looked at Bernard Selwwyn’s pictures of 1950s Paddington I had no idea I was working with someone who knew a great deal more about the area than me. 1,739 more words

20th Century

Not a cinch, a Pynch

The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon. (1966) French title: Vente à la criée du lot 49.

I have all the symptoms of the book-to-be-abandoned illness. 243 more words


[Intermezzo] Wherein I Offer You a Few Disjointed but Heartfelt Memories of My Dead Friend Frank on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Dear World,

Frank died at 87 1/2 years old. Picture this: When he was a tow-headed little boy, just a toddler, his parents dressed him in short pants and a striped shirt and posed him on the hood of the family Model T, grinning. 1,139 more words


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A touching tribute to a man who fought in WWII and Korea.

Elementary school desk, early-mid 20th century

It is a common misconception that “no one is really from DC” – and, by extension, that no one is from Montgomery County. Yes, the area is home to many newcomers . 755 more words

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Day 561: Lucky Us

I was enchanted by Away, so I was excited to find that Amy Bloom had another book out. This novel is good but does not live up to the other. 257 more words