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"MUST I write?"

Some good advice for aspiring writers from successful writers, who are usually far better sources of such guidance than all the writing gurus who write nothing but books about how to write. 745 more words

20th Century

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Wednesdays with Romain Gary, Part Fifteen

L’angoisse du roi Salomon by Romain Gary. 1979. English title: King Solomon. (OOP, used copies available)

L’angoisse du roi Salomon is the last book by Romain Gary and it was published under the pen name Emile Ajar. 338 more words

20th Century

Women's Suffrage and the First World War

When war was declared in August 1914 the women’s suffrage campaign had been going on for fifty years. Some historians have argued women were close to achieving their aims while others have argued that women were no closer than previous years. 1,225 more words

20th Century

85,000 British Newsreels Added To YouTube

MailOnline reports -

Nestled among horrific footage of the Hindenburg crash and a woman imprisoned in an underground room are bizarre, forgotten pieces of history – including a 10-stone toddler. 116 more words

Tallulah Bankhead

Bankhead, an actress whose career carried her between Britain and the United States, was as well known for her outlandish spectacles offstage as on. She starred in a number of well-received theater and film productions, winning several awards and landing a role in an Alfred Hitchcock production. 123 more words

From The Kitchen Of Frankenstein's Mother?

Ceramic ‘toy elephant’ cookie jar with faux crude stitching.

Like Whistler, little Victor grew up to be an artist too, but of a different sort. I’d presume that something just like this left an indelible mark on his psyche. 24 more words

20th Century

Adventures in the Archives: The Living Past

The stereotype of historians isolated in archives with dusty papers and dim lighting has more than a grain of truth to it. Granted, my archive experiences have been more ice cold and brightly lit than dank, but the isolation can be striking. 1,020 more words


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Here is a very interesting article written by my friend and colleague Adam Turner, a fellow historian, about some of the emotional discoveries that one can make in dusty old archives. History is not just a recounting of things that happened in the past--it's putting yourself into the lives and minds of real people who really lived. Great work, Adam!