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Capitol Hill Block Party – The perfect place for my Sweet Sixteen?

When it comes to music festivals, none hits closer to home than Capitol Hill Block Party. I’ve seen it from the outside and I’ve heard it from the other side of the fence but before this summer I’ve never gotten the opportunity to go. 636 more words


Movie Muser (Update)

Since the initial post about my reviews for Movie Muser, I’ve had a few more go up there. These are they: 59 more words

There's Nothing Like A Cool Drink: Spiked Ginger Beer

I love summertime in Chicago. The weather is amazing. If you live in a cold weather state, you are enjoying as much of the outdoors as you can before another artic blast arrives. 238 more words

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Beat the Heat with Sangria Pops

A few days ago, I kicked off my celebration a tad early with Beso Del Sol Sangria.

Usually, I can finish off a bottle of wine in one sitting. 152 more words

Beverages & Such