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21 Day Sugar Detox: Week 1 Recap

Here’s a rundown of what I experienced during Days 1-7 on Level 2 of The 21 Day Sugar Detox
Day 1:  Headache kicked in late afternoon.   659 more words

I'm Doing The 21 Day Sugar Detox!

I’m starting The 21 Day Sugar Detox program today.  I’ve always had a sweet tooth and sometimes it gets me into trouble with myself.  Ever feel like your body is just holding onto  336 more words

Reducing Your Sugar Intake - Where Sugar is Hiding

Now that I am past the worst part of my sugar detox I thought I would share what I came across in Dr. Mark Hyman’s book… 1,021 more words


The Not-So-Sweet-Side of Sugar

Did you know that sugar literally feeds cancer cells and that one tablespoon of sugar weakens the immune system for a minimum of six hours? This is why researchers state that many of us are walking around with immune systems that are only operating at 50% of their capacity because many of us knowingly or unknowingly consume sugar continuously throughout the day. 1,122 more words

21 Day Sugar Detox

Salt Water at Sea - Sugar: The Anti-Nutrient

Naturopaths, eastern medicine doctors and nutritionists have been saying for decades that sugar is much more than calories. Sugar is considered an anti-nutrient as opposed to a food (which should nourish) because in the refining process all vitamins, minerals and proteins are removed from the plant’s original state as sugar cane or sugar beets. 663 more words


The Sugar Detox: Day 4 -7

Day 4: I experienced a lot less cravings today and my fatigue has greatly decreased. My sore throat is almost completely gone and my energy is also increasing. 404 more words


EAT: Paleo Shepherd's Pie (Pastel de Papa)

The FIFA soccer games are a pretty big deal in my neck of the woods.  Every bar in town is jam-packed with soccer fans cheering for their favorite teams.   596 more words