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No way back to Kansas: The wider context of Thursday's course

“Mr Werdelin has developed a propitious educational project whose significance is as far reaching as its necessity in today’s big education debates…

- Mujadad Zaman, MPhil Educational Research Methods , PhD student candidate at the Faculty of Education, Cambridge University. 1,209 more words

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What Does a Teacher in 2014 Look Like?

This is really something we need to constantly be thinking about. But it is pretty hard when we are zooming around doing thousands of other jobs first! 43 more words

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Islam in RE: 23 October CPD course in Norwich, Norfolk

I would like to invite teachers in RE and humanities at East Anglia schools to attend Islam in RE: Religious Literacy & Controversy Through Enquiry full day CPD course, Thursday 23rd October 2014 in Norwich at the newly refurbished Gallery Room at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre. 597 more words

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Madman with a pigeon loft: Pushing the boundaries of art with Duke Riley

LEO Weekly, 7/2/14

It’s a chilly February night, and the man in the suit is waiting. He paces his office, wearing ellipses in the plush carpet. 2,786 more words

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5W- Alice Gray Stites, VP, Museum Director, 21c Museum Hotels

NWA Art Talk will showcase an artist or topic each Wednesday sharing the Who, What, When, Where, and Why about the issue or interviewee. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email those to… 1,847 more words

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It looks like Cochen was a hit!

It looks like Cochen was a hit! Congrats to Chef Levon and the crew at 21c for a great event.
http://ow.ly/Bi86n 6 more words

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On Jelly Babies and Semantics and Why Categories and Tags are sometimes *not* helpful

Having just had a big rant about how great tags and categories are, I now need to talk about the flip-side.

This is partly because of my cultural studies background (and because of those nebulous French Feminists who are all about grey areas) but also because as I start producing more Microstories I’m aware I’m ‘naming up’ big emotions and values … and… 553 more words