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Pasi Sahleberg ( @pasi_sahlberg ) is the leading spokesperson for the Finnish model of education, ranked the best or among the best by PISA. Tune into his sold-out lecture at OISE by filling… 145 more words

Fraser Whole

Global connections

Over the Christmas holidays my family had a wonderful month-long trip to the United States of America. We experienced a white Christmas in Boston, New Year’s sledding in Vermont, a stay with friends in Richmond, Virginia and a week of Legoland and Disneyland fun in California. 667 more words

ETL523 Digital Citizenship

Exploring Recent Academic Pleas to 'Let Kids Fail'

Resiliency and self-regulation are two learning skills that have recently taken the spotlight in education circles. Questions have arisen as to whether schools provide too much of a safety net for kids and whether this extended safety net is actually proving detrimental to the personal and academic growth of kids. 721 more words


What a crock of....

Remember Lyle Lanley? No?

Maybe this will jog your memory:

Mr. Lanley’s notebook revealed more of his dastardly plans:

There are plenty of Lyle Lanleys blighting the education landscape. 891 more words


Not Quite Kentucky, But Close Enough

Here in Louisville, we have a great hotel called 21C…. it is a hotel and art museum combined. They have other locations too. I have been to the one in my city (and need to go back with camera in hand) and have stayed over at the one in Cincinnati. 78 more words


Rosalind Torres on 21C #Leadership - Defined and Evidenced by 3 Questions

Rosalinde Torres: What it takes to be a great leader. TED.com

In a 21st-century world, which is more global, digitally enabled and transparent, with faster speeds of information flow and innovation, and where nothing big gets done without some kind of a complex matrix, relying on traditional development practices will stunt your growth as a leader. 

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What EXACTLY are the “Skills” needed by 21st Century TEACHERS? - The "Robocop" Upgrade...


I have been heard to say that you can’t throw a rock into the blogosphere these days without hitting a post or article on… 616 more words