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The Group Learning Space

Well it is that time of the week again when I reflect on this past weeks learning.

This time I have been looking at the group learning space and its advantages and disadvantages. 428 more words

Learning Space

The Electronic Learning Space

 This week has lead me to look at the electronic learning space and the actual impact it has on my students learning.

The following quote was given to get us thinking and that’s exactly what it did. 390 more words

Learning Space

Is it the Age of The Netflix Generation?

I’ve heard many names for my generation: Generation Y, which I think is boring; Millennials, getting a little more interesting; Net Generation; Echo Boomers; Generation Next; and so on. 253 more words


Are you using Web 2.0?

I for one did not know what the term web 2.0 meant and was surprised to find that I use it daily whether it be through, social networking sights like Facebook, travel blogs, Pinterest or Twitter. 127 more words

21st Century Learner

#ThisSeptemberPrj: A Reflection

For my masters course this summer we were offered a few different options for our final project and in typical fashion I chose the ‘ 255 more words

#ThisSeptemberPrj: My Wish

So there has been this post-it note sitting on my counter for about two months now. Over the past year I have been involved in a lot of conversations around the purpose of education or a philosophy of 21st century teaching. 168 more words