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Blended Learning: Part 2 of 4 Script Writing

Last week I outlined the launch for this unit – the comparison of a story and a play of the same plot. Students filled out Venn diagrams individually, shared with their peers, and then reported out to the class. 382 more words

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The evolution of learning

This week our school implemented a new reporting and parent teacher interview system. It is a huge change that I will keep you informed on. Basically it is a move from the 5 minute speed dating system to 1 interview over twenty minutes where one teacher covers everything. 384 more words

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Blended Learning: Part 1 of 4 "The White Spider"

Unit 4, Folklore, has offered my students and me a unique opportunity when it comes to blended learning. Due to the timing, around MCAS, all the pieces fit together beautifully! 229 more words

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Compare Contrast - Get those Brains Thinking!

Every kid by the time they get to 6th grade knows about their good friend the Venn Diagram. You know, the two circles that overlap that help you show similarities and differences. 446 more words

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And the Advice Goes To... You!

To compliment last week’s entry, this week is advice that my students have given others during their 11 year old lives. Perhaps there is something in this montage for you to shape the attitude of your week. 24 more words

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Children DO Listen...

Recently, I asked my students to spend a few minutes reflecting upon the entirety of the treasure chest of advice they have been given during their lifetimes. 270 more words

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