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Is it the Age of The Netflix Generation?

I’ve heard many names for my generation: Generation Y, which I think is boring; Millennials, getting a little more interesting; Net Generation; Echo Boomers; Generation Next; and so on. 253 more words


Effective Classroom Design for the 21st Century learner


Research suggests that The pressure of change is on the classroom; it is utterly unthinkable that it can continue to be built, structured and equipped as it has been for all these decades.  269 more words

Are you using Web 2.0?

I for one did not know what the term web 2.0 meant and was surprised to find that I use it daily whether it be through, social networking sights like Facebook, travel blogs, Pinterest or Twitter. 127 more words

21st Century Learner

#ThisSeptemberPrj: A Reflection

For my masters course this summer we were offered a few different options for our final project and in typical fashion I chose the ‘ 255 more words

#ThisSeptemberPrj: My Wish

So there has been this post-it note sitting on my counter for about two months now. Over the past year I have been involved in a lot of conversations around the purpose of education or a philosophy of 21st century teaching. 168 more words

Personal Introduction

ED626 Technology: Leadership in Learning.

My name is Richard Haines. I am an art and drama teacher at Charlottetown Rural High School, where I have been teaching for the last twelve years. 842 more words