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24. Creating a Google Site


Blog Post Agenda:
1. What is a Google Site?
2. Techie Teachers’ Tricks for Creating a Google Site
3. End-of-Blog-Post Bonus ( 868 more words

Educational Technology

The Multi-Layered Classroom

When you are using ICTs in your classroom, the classroom automatically acquires a few extra layers. There is of course the physical layer with the teacher and students, the desks and tables, pens, paper, books and scissors. 668 more words

Web 2.0 Tools

Reframing Failure

Each Sunday afternoon, I roast a batch of coffee for the middle school faculty. It serves as a soothing ritual as I prepare for a new week. 650 more words

21st Century Skills

9 history podcasts just for you: Getting smarter and having fun at the same time

Podcasts used to be a big deal. Then they weren’t. Now . . . they’re back. Yup. Podcasts are a thing again. Ten, fifteen years ago, podcasts were the shiny tool that was going to change the world. 659 more words


Reflections on EdTech: Where Am I and Where Am I Going?

In 2009, I started a Masters Degree program in EdTech.  Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to stop after only three classes.  However, that small taste of the endless possibilities technology could bring into the classroom intrigued me.   657 more words


Let's Get Blogging!

For the rest of the year, we’ll be taking some of our writing into the online world through blogging! Blogging will be your opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with each other outside of class. 191 more words

AP Lang & Comp

Classrooms Should be Globally Connected

Recently Avonworth High School 9th grade students in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sat in a room around a large HDTV during a social studies class. They were not completing a worksheet or reading a textbook to regurgitate information, nor were they looking for a single prescribed answer to a given problem. 387 more words

21st Century Skills