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DIY 221B

I am planning to move in the near future, so the subject of apartments and apartment organization has been rather on my mind. So, during my travels through the interwebs, … 86 more words

Monthly Fandom

Virtual Tourist - Sherlock Holmes P&C 1/25/15


Figured I would share some more Sherlock pics this morning.

Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishment
Kew Gardens Mystery
Divine Syndicate Compound

This is inside the main building/temple. 115 more words

Gloria Oliver

Sherlock-The Adventure of CAM

A 53 minute trim of “His Last Vow” complete with a new ending


-We open the episode with Sherlock and John discussing Sherlock going out with Janine and Magnusson. 229 more words


Sherlock-How It Was Done

In order to properly bridge the gap between “Little That Remains” and “The Adventure of CAM” (my 53 minute trim of “ 90 more words


Sherlock-The Little That Remains (Ver. 1.5)

A brand new restructuring of my earlier “Empty Hearse” edit, significantly different from the one uploaded to Vimeo, this new 38 minute trim includes:

-All new custom intro (consisting of footage from the Sherlock Unlocked documentaries) 23 more words


New Sherlock Walk

There are other tour companies who do Sherlock Holmes walks. And The problem with a Sherlock Holmes walk is that Baker Street is a very busy, traffic choked modern road with little to commend it for a walk. 280 more words