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Three Old Pistols

Here are a few old pistols I built from a few years ago. The first one is unfinished and was intended to be a semi automatic .22lr. 67 more words


New Industrial Technology Will Allow .22LR Production to Increase 10,000%!!

As I’m sure you’re certainly aware, the availability of .22LR ammo has been, well, limited in the last few months. Theories about the shortage have ranged from economic to conspiracy in theory. 197 more words


Red Hot Muzzle Brake vs 22lr. bullets "RHMB" Live ammunition

Next in my line of 22lr torture tests. RHMB vs 22lr. This is the ammo I blended last october. I’ve intended to do a series of tests with it. 8 more words


Saturday 3/15/14 - Dad's

After deciding to add a scope to my AR, I had to get it zeroed in and see how it worked.  With the local ranges being closed until May and living in an urban area, I had to find another place to go shooting.   529 more words


.22LR Consistently Hitting Target at 500 Yards, Yep, 500 Yards

Everyone knows .22LR is an extremely versatile round. Apparently literally everyone and their mother knows this now based on 22LR availability.

It’s commonly known that out of a rifle 22LR does a really good job at shots inside of 100 yards and some higher end rifles with match ammo can consistently shoot sub MOA when the shooter does their part. 173 more words


Ruger American Rimfire

There was a gap in our firearms portfolio which I was recently able to fill. We needed a .22 for small game, target practice, and education. 629 more words


Difficult Decisions

It’s been a while since I posted so I figured it was time to bring up something I’ve been thinking about for a while now.  I’m the kind of person who gets very attached to his things.   304 more words