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WOS - Ruger SR22 | Design, Specs

The Ruger SR22 is a great option for beginners and veteran shooters alike. It shoots .22LR and is a fun little pistol to plink with. In this article, we look at the Sr22 and the options it provides.

Ruger SR22 | Design, Specs.


Range Report - Advantage Arms 22LR Target for 1911

The 1911 had been a joy to shoot at the range, and the Advantage Arms conversion kit add to it an increased level of accuracy that I count on when working on my trigger control.   141 more words

Why a 22LR ammo shortage?

After a year or so, I just purchased 300 rounds of 22 Long Rifle (lr). Anyone who knows anything about firearms knows that there has been a massive shortage of rifle and pistol ammo, especially the 22lr, for over two years now. 1,264 more words

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WOS - Getting Shot in the Eye with A Tracer [VIDEO] - Wide Open Spaces

In this Video, Trick Shooter 22Plinkster gives us an amazing view of what it looks like to have a tracer shot at you.

Getting Shot in the Eye with A Tracer – Wide Open Spaces.