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Recently I started a Facebook page with just DNA matches. The criteria is that you must match a member on the page via DNA. So, everyone has either tested on one or more or all of the following DNA sites; 23andme, FTDNA, Ancestry & many have uploaded to Gedmatch. 348 more words

Primas Y Primos

Top tip video: Using FTDNA Chromosome Browser raw data + MS Excel for your rearch

So you’ve transferred your raw autosomal DNA data from Ancestry or 23andme to Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). So now what?

Downloading FTDNA’s Chromosome Browser raw data and working with it in MS Excel (or another spreadsheet software) can lead to some amazing discoveries. 37 more words


Understanding the impact of genomic data

12 December 2014
By Anna Middleton

The genomic era is upon us. From the Government’s pledge to sequence 100,000 genomes to the launch of 23andMe, a private company that can offer personal genotyping for £125, having your genome sequenced has become a very accessible option. 523 more words

FUT2 Gene strongly linked to bifidobacteria population

Bifidobacteria are one of the good guys when it comes to your gut microbiome.  They are lactic acid and acetic acid producing bacteria, and they help the immune system.  103 more words

How Sharing Your Health Data Could Change Medical Research

In the field of health research, data have long been held closely by the researchers who collected it. The knowledge is considered proprietary information owned by whoever conducted and funded the study, even if it has the potential to lead to future health advances. 654 more words

DNA testing in the UK

This blog post was inspired by yesterday’s news about the UK launch of the 23andMe DNA spit test. The BBC article can be found here… 1,101 more words