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On DNA testing for adoptees.

When I sent off my DNA kit to 23andMe, I had absolutely no idea that the results would be so telling. In part, this is explained by the fact that I am from the Druze community, itself extremely small and self-isolating. 3,582 more words


23 and Me part 1

You won’t be mistaken to think you have seen this advertised on the television recently. I did and it immediately caught my eye which is unusual as adverts rarely do. 500 more words


Genetic Genealogy, Part III: "American Indian Eliza"

For decades, members of my father’s family have insisted we have Native American roots. Years ago, before my grandmother passed away, she mentioned our connection to a “Long Island Indian woman.” My father recalls an old photo or picture of a Native American woman in his grandfather’s home and being told a similar story. 798 more words


Go Sequence, Young Woman

Once again, gold in California!

My bright young niece is graduating from college this June, and my thoughts frequently turn to the question of where she will find her first job.   668 more words

Parkinson's Research

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

You’ve probably heard of 23andMe. Until recently, they provided direct-to-consumer genetic testing. However, at the moment, they are no longer providing health-related genetic reports ( 585 more words


Parkinson’s disease: 23andMe and Genentech to analyze 3,000 Parkinsons genomes

Privately held 23andMe Inc and Genentech are going to work together to generate whole genome sequencing data for about 3,000 people with Parkinson’s disease, in order to identify new therapeutic targets for treating the degenerative neurological condition. 135 more words