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Black America, Where Do You Come From? Genetic Testing

It was worthwhile for me. I did 23andme.com, which allows you to download your genome, about 25MB, and from there you can use other sites. 352 more words

23andMe combine DNA databases to make finding great grandpa easier

The consumer genetics company 23andMe says it’s combining its DNA-based ancestry database with MyHeritage’s database of family tree records. This, it’s hoped, will give users a much better chance of finding their crazy lost great-great-uncles and -aunts back in the cobwebs of history. 173 more words


Haplogroup Followup

Here’s what I’ve learned between last night and this morning…

The maternal haplogroup H has been around for a VERY long time and lots of people are part of this group / carry it. 182 more words


Family Tree DNA Announces *Free Autosomal Transfer from 23andMe and Ancestry

One of the major announcements this past week at the Family Tree DNA administrator’s conference was that Family Tree DNA will now be accepting, and encouraging, free data transfers from both 23andMe (V3 chip only) and Ancestry.com. 581 more words


Haplogroup H

l’ll be honest – I din’t think haplogroups would really help me at all.. I mean I had no idea what they were!

When I learned that maternal haplogroups are passed down on the maternal side… I decided to dive in full force.   297 more words


23andMe results are in!


I about jumped out of my skin when I got the email saying the results were done.  In case you were wondering how long it took to get the… 331 more words


Hold on tight

OK, hold on tight, folks, because this is going to jump all over the place as I play a bit of catch up and hit on some random things, too. 1,312 more words

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