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Hide and Seek at 23andMe, DNA Relatives Consent, Opt-In, Opt-Out and Close Relatives

To say that the matching policies at 23andMe are confusing is an understatement. Of course, that would imply that we could figure out what those policies are, this week, exactly.  2,882 more words


Stigler / Oliphant

I’ve previously made connections to Robert Oliphant b. ~1771 ; d. ~1841 ; m. Abigail Davenport…

I created a family tree based on a 4th-6th cousin match from AncestryDNA and had shared ancestors with the Olpihant side, the Davenport side – one generation down/younger was Mary Oliphant who married William Stigler. 229 more words


What can your genes tell you? Ask the Portland Community Conversation

October 21, 2014

For the crowd that gathered at the Lucky Lab Pub, the Conversation came down to two things: 1) what is the balance between individual rights to information and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) device regulation with direct-to-consumer genetic testing like that provided by 23andMe? 769 more words



Ever since I registered my DNA kit, I’ve gone daily to the testing web site and changed my profile. I’m currently oscillating between being completely open (“I am an adoptee looking for my biological family”) and being less open (“I am looking for DNA relatives in Lebanon”). 820 more words


DNA ‘R’ Us™ II

This past September marks ten years spent in Lebanon.

This is both hardly enough time and far too long.

Hardly enough time to truly feel a sense of belonging. 976 more words


Black America, Where Do You Come From? Genetic Testing

It was worthwhile for me. I did 23andme.com, which allows you to download your genome, about 25MB, and from there you can use other sites. 352 more words

23andMe combine DNA databases to make finding great grandpa easier

The consumer genetics company 23andMe says it’s combining its DNA-based ancestry database with MyHeritage’s database of family tree records. This, it’s hoped, will give users a much better chance of finding their crazy lost great-great-uncles and -aunts back in the cobwebs of history. 173 more words