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one year ago today, it was an ordinary friday afternoon, and i was sitting in my office finishing up for the day, when i got an email that would literally change my life. 297 more words


Who am I?

There has been a persistent rumor in my family about an Indian ancestor. Well. Every native Texan wants to find a horse thief and a Cherokee princess in their ancestry, but some in my family insisted that the Indian ancestor was really there, if only we could find her. 154 more words

What Does “Sharing Genomes” at 23andMe Mean?

One of the comments to my posting about 23andMe Producing a 10% Response Rate when contacting matches mentioned that the phrase “share genomes” was really an “overly dramatic, scary and inaccurate phrase.” I never really thought about that before, but that commenter is right. 1,553 more words


23andme Analysis

This is fascinating! The testing is easy and reasonably priced. You pay $99 for a saliva testing kit and DNA analysis. Go to http://www.23andme.com to order. 10 more words


A blow from left field

Less than three weeks ago, to my immense surprise, I became a woman with cancer. I had always thought that my fatal weakness would turn out to be some form of autoimmune disease, and this belief was reinforced two years ago when I had the DNA decoding company… 613 more words