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A Guilt-Trip Birthday

I was ready to call it a day. 7 PM and I was going to bed on my birthday without any preparation. My wallet was lighter than paper and I had not told most of my friends that it was my birthday since I never liked celebrating it anyway. 236 more words

24-year-old me

This year, like last year, I spent my actual birthday, June 12, at work. Seems practical since it fell on a Thursday. Besides, I already went on a… 123 more words

Journal Entries: Notes To Self

Learning to Capture Fire - Pt. 6

“Over two and a half years ago, I met the kindest, sweetest person ever. Someone I’ve been able to talk to about anything, someone that I’ve been able to form a deep connection with. 1,082 more words

24 Reasons Why I Love You..

On your 24th birthday, let me tell you the 24 most important reasons why I love you…

  1. Your smile will always make me smile.
  2. I melt whenever you stare at me and look into my eyes.
  3. 279 more words