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27 weeks | Invasion of the baby stuff

Who’s living room is this? Where did this stroller and swing and these teeny sub-sized human things come from?!

It’s both disconcerting and exciting to see all the baby things we are collecting. 475 more words


Weeks 26 and 27: Zucchini Bread and Acorn Squash Soup

Depending on which internets sites you read we either began the 3rd trimester during Week 27 or will begin the third trimester in Week 28. Either way…I feel like this time has passed so quickly. 798 more words


'Then which of the blessings of YOUR LORD will ye deny'

‘Our bundle of joy has arrived…and Masha Allah baby is doing all well, has the naughtiest smile…cutest face…definitely a love at first sight!!’

Attached with the most memorable click of first time Baba holding a baby *most adorable of all* 841 more words

27 Weeks

Baby #2 27 Weeks

Dear Baby,

It feels odd writing ‘just baby.’ You’ve been with me for 27 weeks now and it feels like I should  have a nickname for your or should refer to you by name or something more personal than ‘just baby’. 437 more words

Pregnancy Updates

More Baby Shower Woes (27w3d)

Life update: I’m still a horrible person. Here’s the gist: My mother-in-law wants to throw me a baby shower. And I’m annoyed about it. Hate me yet? 1,237 more words


27 Weeks!

Yay for week 27! I am finally in my last and final trimester

I honestly feel great, with the exception of my headaches and occasional cramps. 166 more words

27 weeks – Am I in my third trimester yet? Pregnancy #2

I always get confused about the third trimester – some baby blog say it starts from 27 weeks while others say 28 weeks. Since I like to track silly little things like this and love every possible milestones, I’m going to say I’m in my 3rd trimester now! 537 more words