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27 weeks

No gestational diabetes!  YES.

And seriously, like I mentioned on Instagram last week – I do not understand the spazzing that goes on about the glucose drink?  751 more words

Mini M

27 weeks

Total weight gain: 15 lbs
Biggest craving this week: Seltzer! It’s a weird craving to have, but I seriously cannot get enough. Luckily, it’s only helping me drink more water which is a good thing! 523 more words



I passed my 1 hour glucose test!   This illustrates how I feel at the moment…

I’ll take the 18 hours of pure stomach hell that followed for that bit of good news for me and baby boy.   11 more words

Glucose Test = Crazy Baby!

I had a check in today with my OB.  I got the red glucose drink.  I took the first two sips and thought, “What the hell is everyone’s problem?   344 more words

Baby Brain Does Exist....

Apparently baby brain does exist.  I feel like I’m lost in thought and can’t remember if I brushed my teeth most days let alone what is going on at work or home.  1,075 more words

Pregnancy Differences...

The top pictures were taken in February and April 2013 and the bottoms were taken in July and August 2014.  There has been such a huge difference in my pregnancies and I am preparing myself for the children to be just as different!   728 more words


Weeks 21-27 Update

So much has happened during my last update that I’m not even sure where to start. I’ll try to make this post less words and more pictures with captions! 1,195 more words