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New Release: Great Bitten Outbreak

You’re used to a little shameless whoring from my by now. So here it is, my zombie release from Permuted Press:

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Amazon UK linky… 271 more words


Apocalypse obsessions

Why are we so fascinated by end-of-the-world stories? It’s personal.

Sci-fi is filled with apocalyptic stories, from asteroid flicks like Armageddon to zombie/plague movies such as… 204 more words


Luis Suarez has apologised for not apologising sooner for treating the shoulder of Giorgio Chiellini like a stale empanada.

Etiquette and modern manners expert Debbie Fiddlesticks was brought in by the Uruguayan President last week to try and persuade a discerning global community that biting is perfectly normal behaviour. 338 more words

First Case of 'Rage' Occurs, in Cardiff McDonald's

The 2002 Danny Boyle movie 28 Days Later was an imaginary vision of a human apocalypse, but it appears the disease depicted in the film is real.  186 more words

News Roundup

5 Mejores Películas de Zombies

Gracias a que hoy se cumplen 5 años de la muerte de Michael Jackson, y aunque no parezca que está relacionado, me di a la tarea de encontrar las 5 mejores películas de zombies. 422 more words

28 Days Later (2002)

At the turn of the 21st century, there was a lull in horror films. Slasher films were on the way out. Vampires and zombies were not on the trend radar. 654 more words


Some of the Best Zombie Stories On the Big and Small Screen

Roadshow’s Creative Director Zac talks us through some of his favourite Zombie films and TV shows…

AND COMING TO GET YOU… 804 more words

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