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Ladies! Treat yourself with In Balance Sports Therapy

This year my family did a Kris Kringle whereby you wrote down a list of three things that you wanted and the person who got you for KK got to see this list. 584 more words


Why am I here?

Why am I here?

I have always wanted to start a blog but I couldn’t find the time and inspiration to do so.
The idea never occurred to me again until the day I confirmed that I was pregnant. 122 more words

28 Weeks

Baby Bump // 28 Weeks

28 weeks! it’s hard to believe that i’m already into my third trimester. this pregnancy is going by so quickly and while i am absolutely ecstatic to meet my little girl in a few short months, i think i am going to really miss having her growing in my belly. 629 more words

Baby Schutz

Christmas Comes to Halfmoon Bay

It’s feeling festive around here.

Last Saturday, this was my view while eating breakfast:

That’s right – the first snow of the season! (Hey, that’s a West Coast winter for you.) It lingered briefly and is now not much more but a distant memory. 272 more words


28 Weeks

My sweet sweet baby is growing up!! This past week, Andie started army crawling!!!! We knew she was getting close because she started doing this half roll/half scooting forward to get to things for about two days and then on the third day, she was doing the army crawl! 519 more words

Shopping time! Third trimester is here!!!

I entered the third trimester last Sunday and had to have my weekly belly bump shoot. My husband and I have been taking pictures of my bump since the 16th week just to see the changes — although there are times when we’ve skipped a week or two due to the errands we had to run. 454 more words



So for my makeup blog I just made a post about makeup don’ts and I decided I should probably look up what products to avoid during pregnancy. 274 more words