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Even more new parts

I have bought a lot of parts lately, and even more was delivered yesterday. Here are a few pictures.

New Bosch headlight lenses and gaskets… 28 more words


Mounting the front springs

It is time to tackle the front springs. First thing, get some proper tools. The correct way of changing front springs on a w123 (and many other MB models) is with the original (or copy of the original) spring compressor. 324 more words


Aluminium parts looks brand new

It is amazing how good old aluminium parts can look after blasting them with glass. Here are some pictures of the parts before I mount them on the car.

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Painted the sandblasted parts

Some of the parts I sandblasted needs to be painted, else they will rust in no time. So for the exhaust manifolds I used heat resistant paint. 58 more words


Rebuilt one headlight

A long time ago I got some brand new Bosch headlights from a friend. Problem is, I have Hella headlights on my car, and Bosch headlights was without the vacuum height adjustment. 233 more words


Blasted some parts yesterday

Yesterday i started off sand blasting my exhaust manifolds. Here is one un-blasted and one blasted. I am sure you will notice that the previous owner apparently had one of them welded at one point… I need to paint them with some heat resistant paint as soon as possible. 23 more words


New horns mounted on the car

I started installing the new parts I got as fast as I could. The mounting holes in the drier filter did not quite line up with the holes in the car, so I need to drill the holes slightly. 12 more words